Some Resources for Organic Coffee

These days most health food stores carry coffee. For those people who do not have stores close by, and those seeking specialty items, there are specialty retailers online ONLY whose products are worth noting.

See below.

Chronos Coffee

LINK: to their organic page

"Organic coffee, born out of love for the product. Untouched by chemicals during it's entire lifecycle, as pure as it gets".

Newman's Own Organic

LINK: Newman's Own organic coffee

Organic Coffee cartel

LINK:OCC coffees are 100-percent organically grown and roasted on equipment that uses 85 percent less energy than other roasters. The coffee is then packaged in steel cans—the most eco-friendly material available". "Our aim is to positively impact the people, communities and environments in which we all work. Since quality coffee reaps quality prices, the OCC works with coffee farmers to improve their coffees and pays them the prices they deserve. With a viable income, coffee farming families and their communities are stabilized and their quality of life is improved. Traditions and cultures are preserved".

Larrys Beans - Organic coffee

LINK: Purpose "concoct wondrously luscious works of coffee and make the world better at the same time".

"We slow roast in ridiculously small batches to bring out every rich layer of indigenous flavor.

100% of our coffee is Fair Trade, Shade Grown and Organic or Transitional Organic. (Our Organic and Fair Trade practices are certified and audited by Quality Certification Services".)

Seven Bridges Cooperative - Green Coffee

LINK: "We are committed to providing the highest quality certified organic green coffee, and all of our offerings are Fair Trade certified. Because we believe that quality and flavor are just as important as how the coffee is grown, we buy in small lots and only the best quality Arabica beans. All of the green coffee we sell must be roasted before it can be made into a coffee beverage".

Green means UNROASTED

MDM Imports

LINK: "In addition to our gourmet roasted and green coffee beans, we also have a wide range of accessories, tips, recipes, & videos so you can make the tastiest possible coffee".

SA Wilson Coffee and Enema supplies

LINK: Canadian company that sells just the right coffee for enema use (health purposes) AND organic drinking coffee as well.

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