Resources for Dietary Supp

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Here is a book about Vitamin C that comes highly recommended.

Vitamin C: Who Needs It by Emanuel Cheraskin, M.D., D.M.D. Birmingham, AL: Arlington Press,1993 ISBN: 0-944353-04-5 (195 pages plus glossary, index, and references).

Here is a place to go for biographic information on Dr. Cheraskin.

Vitamins Australila

Dried Paw Paw Leaves, Dried Paw Paw Fruit, Paw Paw Tea, Kombucha Beverage and Papaya Concentrate

Willner Chemists

Site under construction, NYC based and mail order. Many hard-to-find products (800)633-1106

Natural Health Consult

Information, products lots of links

Self Help (Vitamins, Oils and more)

LINK to supplier of Hulda Clark products


Company sells products researched in Norway, LINK

Natural Healer

Link to non-US source Beta glucan and more, animal-free products

ABC's of Health

LINK, information, books, supplements, etc.

Greenwood Health

Ellagic Acid supplement with studies, references, LINK

LINK:Source for grapeseed extract "found a PubMed article showing that grape seed extract inhibits Matrix Metalloproteinase, an enzyme

Seacoast Vitamins

Link to site with supplements and some Chinese herbs


LINK to supplier for "natural health, herbal, vitamin and nutritional supplements

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