Some Products That May Be Useful

First let us make it clear we have no financial interest in any product mentioned here. These are just companies and products that were brought to our attention by readers/visitors to this site. We pass it along in case it helps.

Make your own informed decisions as to whether these products will be useful to you. Read all the information on the manufacturer's site. If you are chemically sensitive, make sure you ask specific questions about ingredients and manufacturing methods.

Many of our sections have links to manufacturers of all types of products mentioned within - find herbal tinctures, creams, herbs, organic foods, teas, and much more.

1)Nightsweats (tm) pillowcase, advertised to help with nighttime perspiration, sensitive skin, and more. Check out their website

2)Synthetic pillows have been found to be worse for people with allergies. This may also effect those of us with weakened immune systems.

Pediatric Allergy and Immunology, July 2000


Information to help make a choice

Tips for Juicing
100% Juice is MUCH Better than Juice Drinks
Various Fruit/Vegetable Capsules
Recliners for people with health issues

On recliner chairs


Good for the lymphatic system

Rebounding Information
Rebounding from a 'Patient' Perspective
Ms. M. R. Recommends a Home Sauna

Advice from a patient

Copper Pots May Lower Food-Poisoning Risk

Two studies show benefits. Chicken a problem

Canadian Store Praised

Aliss T. Reports on Loblaws

PureTec Int'l Soap

Chemically sensitive People May Tolerate This Well

Magick Botanicals

LINK to site recommended by an advocate (fragrance-free hair, body, baby, clay, etc.)

Organic Bouquet

LINK to source for organic flowers(bouquets)

Natural SunScreen Protection

LINK to BeWellStayWell

Caribbean Blue Natural Sunscreen

LINK to site


LINK to natural organic products & educational articles

Chemically Sensitive?

LINK, articles and more

Brigit True Organics

LINK to care products for baby, and adults - organic ingredients

Low Blue Lights

LINK to company run by researchers "special glasses & lights that can improve both your sleep & your health". Helps produce Melatonin

All About Natural

LINK to products for Canadians

Spirited Sisters fashionable Patient Apparel

LINK to "Healing Threads, fashionable & functional patient apparel designed to keep your loved one remaining dignified & emotionally empowered while fighting any disease. The garments are used during & after all types of medical treatments including chemotherapy, radiation & surgeries. They are equipped with special breakaway features so while undergoing treatments your entire body does not have to be exposed.

Cool Jamaz

LINK to: "Whether you suffer from night sweats or simply reside in a warm climate, Cooljamaz sleepwear offers a simple & smart solution to staying cool and dry while you sleep & lounge in luxury.

EcoBaby UK

LINK: Natural and Organic Baby Products (Weleda baby products) in the UK

Eco Baby USA

LINK to resource for Natural and Organic Baby Products (Weleda baby products) in the USA

Organic Divas

LINK to safe cosmetics company

Ola  Loa

LINK to drinkable vitamin product formulated by well-known Orthomolecular doc, Richard Kunin, MD.

(A nutrition physician and vitamin specialist with over 30 years experience - a pioneer in the use of vitamins and minerals in today's medical practice, numerous books and articles on nutrition and medicine, serves on the International Board of Advanced Longevity Medicine).

Softress - body oils for sensitive skin

LINK: "Softress body oils are best for sensitive skin - fragrance free, preservative free, alcohol free, essential oil free, aloe vera free, mineral oil free, and most products nut oil free"

DNA Health Institute

LINK to natural skin care "Founded by Dr. Noel Aguilar, our products are free of chemicals and chemical preservatives".

Post-Op Pajamas

LINK: "clothing is specifically designed to provide comfort and aid in the healing process" Company founder is a breast cancer survivor

Resting in the River

LINK:Actress Marsha Mason - "Utilizing timeless biodynamic, holistic and organic practices that restore, maintain & enhance the ecological harmony of the earth, the vitality of her Resting in the River Farm ™ rewarded Marsha's tireless efforts by yielding an abundance of organic medicinal herbs and flowers bursting with enhanced life force, energy & health-enriching properties".

Flutterbye Aromatics

LINK: Holistic, Herbal & Aromatherapy Products

Turn 2 Turning Aid

LINK: "The Turn2® Turning Aid™ is an innovative new product for turning and positioning patients in bed that enhances quality of care while at the same time helping to reduce risk of injury to both patients and staff".

For Caregivers, whether professional or at home

Chikara Design

LINK: Elegant and pricey clothing specifically designed for women who are experiencing breast asymmetry following a single or bilateral mastectomy, lumpectomy, radiation therapy or reconstructive surgery.

"Chikara is lifestyle-inspired clothing collection that balances the body post breast cancer treatments and surgeries".


LINK: "We provide vibrant color coordinated ensembles for every day of the week consisting of head wraps, earrings and shirts. We want to help women cope with the physical and emotional challenges of hair loss by providing them with a cheerful and fashionable solution". They have headwraps for children too.

Omni Mediation Bench & Desk

LINK: "The Omni Meditation Bench, it comes in both a large and medium size, they are handcrafted of selected Cherry, hand rubbed In Italian lacquer with a distinctive round leg base that allows for individual adjustment and spinal alignment. The legs fold for easy portability using our patent pending Torque Hinge. Custom sizes are available upon request. All our benches come With 30 day money back guarantee".

Veronic Brett Swimsuit Collection

LINK: Especially for breast cancer survivors

Maui Excellent

LINK: "Maui Excellent™ offers an exceptional, natural line of therapeutic aromatherapy essential oil products for skin & body, massage, pain & pain management".

B. Soapure

LINK: "B.SOAPURE is the silver lining of surviving breast cancer. In searching for safe, effective & affordable skincare, the desire to create my own line was born, a skincare line that can simply be trusted.

So after years of passionately researching essential oils, learning about their healing properties, & experimenting with the endless possibilities of these essences, I fell in love with the magic drops. I knew then that my line was going to be based on them!

As a result B.SOAPURE was conceived in 2003, a handmade skincare line with a big bow to nature and mother earth.

Hendrika ter Elst

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