Cancer Causes: Personal, Societal or ???

Ann Fonfa posted these thoughts and other pages in this section to cancer advocates online.

Posted 5/27/04

Causes of cancer

Discussions on cause seem to bounce back to things you can hardly change like birth weight, family history (this is so much discussed in the media that most people believe they are safe if they do NOT have one), height and now weight. We rarely hear any serious indictments of the overall environment outside our body.

Often at medical/research meetings we hear about damaged, mutated genes. I contend that the discussions make it sound like this happens in a 'vacuum'.

Whenever the larger environment meaning pollutants, people rush to say "not proven". I think we are all clear on that! But how much proof and how to acquire it? And as has been said many times, why should we need to prove something unsafe? Shouldn't chemicals be required to show safety like drugs and other substances? Strange science, I say.

Weight is discussed as obesity with the implication that if only individuals would just get their act together, all would be well.

Yet years of studies on dieting have shown that it is rarely effective. 95-99% of all dieting fails. This is due to the fact that most people attempting to diet make changes for a few weeks, a few months and then go back to their former patterns.

But the emphasis stays on the individual.

Recent events have shown a bit of the nonsense here. A young filmmaker chose to eat at a fast-food restaurant for his every meal for 30 days. As it turned out, he gained a ton of weight and developed some health problems. We know from studies on developing countries that the 'Western' diet makes their health problems increase with diabetes, heart disease AND cancer on the rise.

When folks see advertisements for (junk) food, there is a belief that it must be 'okay' or it would not be advertised/available. But this is NOT true. Hydrogenated oils have been used in junk foods (and more) for years while manufacturers knew and hid this from society. Shades of nicotine. And so much more wrong with our food choices!

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Movie: "Super Size Me: A Film of Epic Portions"


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Source: The Scientist, 2004

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Source: 5/04

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