Sodium Bicarbonate  Cancer Therapy/Simoncini

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Dr. T. Simoncini on Sodium Bicarbonate

LINK to Italian oncologist and information on Sodium Bicarbonate as cancer therapy

Sdm Bicarb Prevents Contrast-induced Nephropathy

JAMA, 5/04

Oral Rinse Detects Marrow Transplant Effectiveness

Bone Marrow Transplantation, 6/05

Book: Cancer is a Fungus

LINK: "Quote Dr. Simoncini: The present work is based on the conviction, supported by many years of observations, comparisons and experiences, that the necessary and sufficient cause of the tumour is to be sought in the vast world of the fungi.

Dr. Rod Santos, ND

LINK to Vancouver naturopath offering sodium bicarbonate therapy and much more

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