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We have created links for our visitors who live elsewhere.

Ann Fonfa has just come back from a conference "Cancer on the Internet" where one concept was to provide information and links for people who speak languages other than (American) English.

Therefore we have set up this section where links to many countries' cancer information will be available.

Good luck in finding what you need.

European Coalition for Cancer Patients

Works to improve access to information, clinical trials and screening programs for all patients and to increase their influence over European health policy. Consists of 15 groups.

Europa Donna

LINK to Euro org for those with Breast Cancer

LINK to Personal Experiences of Health and Illness (UK)

Canadian Cancer Resources

Variety of LINKS

European Medical Evaluation Agency

Information on Drugs

International Cancer Info in Many Languages

LINK to almost 2000 citations in Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. Organizations/treatment centers & international associations of physicians and patients.

Health Action Network

Canadian source for practioners and information

BorstKanker Netherlands

LINK to Dutch site on breast cancer

Argentina:Valoricemos la Vida

por las mujeres, 6/02

Breast Health Resource-New Zealand

LINK to site

Canadian Herbalist Assoc of BC

LINK to site on herbs CANADA

Canadian Health Network

LINK to their page on CAM

International Union Against Cancer

LINK to site for International information

Nutritional Healing(Australia)

LINK to site for other ailments than cancer.

Menschen gegen Krebs

LINK to German organization on alternative therapies for cancer

Assoc Italiana Malati di Cancro, parenti ed amici

LINK Informa per aiutare a viviere con il cancro

Cancer Options UK

LINK to Integrative medicine consultancy in the UK

Brostcancerforeningarnas Riksorganisation

LINK to Swedish Breast Cancer Group

Nurse w/Breast Cancer

LINK to UK-based nurse, some CAM ideas

Natural Health Care Alliance AUSTRALIA

LINK to group in Australia

Cancer Black Care UK

LINK to "UK's leading cancer support service for the black and minority ethnic (BME) community".

You Are Not Alone Now

LINK to Prostate Ca site in South Africa

Prostate Cancer Watchful Waiting

LINK to site out of South Africa

Hellenic Association of Women

LINK to site for breast cancer in Greece

The Patients' Exchange

LINK to International resources for patients of all illnesses

Canvi  Patient Organization

LINK "El objetivo de Canvi no es sólo mejorar la salud de las personas, sino también poder servir de guía para que cada persona, con su particular universo, encuentre el camino de la paz y la felicidad".

Federation of European Cancer Societies

LINK Fed of Euro Ca Soc an international non-profit assoc that co-ordinates collaboration between European societies active in different fields of cancer research, prevention & treatment with the ultimate goal of providing the best possible treatment & care for all European cancer patients

Liga Contra El Cancer

LINK Miami, FL

Breast Cancer Network of Australia

LINK to site for country

Ethnicity Specific Resources

LINK to Resources "for African Americans, Latinas, Native Americans and Asians

Pink Ribbon Organization

LINK to Pakistan-based group on Breast Cancer


LINK to A.M. Charitable Trust Interested in Alternative, Complementary Therapies, INDIA

Self-Help Cancer Information

LINK to site of British author John Davidson Information/options CAM

International Alliance of Patient's Organizations

LINK to "a global voice for patients"

Breast Cancer New Zealand



LINK to UK-based site for evidence-based info on treatment, esp complementary therapies & causes of cancer

Walburga's site on CAM

LINK to German and English site

Breast Advice UK

LINK to site with lots of pages of interesting and useful information

About IBC UK-based site

LINK: Site on Inflammatory Breast cancer

Reliable Cancer Therapies

LINK: Site is in English, Dutch and French

RCT will provide patients & their healthcare providers with free information on cancer treatments that it has assessed for evidence according to rigorous standards.

Secondly, RCT will provide funding for the development of possible beneficial therapies selected from the broadest range of potential candidates. RCT aims at maintaining a balanced portfolio of conventional and non-conventional approaches.

Pink Ribbon, Zambia

LINK: "to improve the quality of life for women diagnosed with cancer by providing them with resources and support".


Cancer Voices NSW

LINK: Australian cancer group

"coalition for cancer support and advocacy groups"

Sharon Fox Cancer Centre - UK

LINK: Local help available.

Acupuncture Ambassadors

LINK: "Integrating the Medicine of Acupuncture into Global Health"

Europa Colon

LINK: "committed to preventing deaths from colorectal cancer & improving thge quality of life & support for those affected by the disease". Headquartered in London

Global Colon Cancer

LINK: dedicated to bringing colorectal cancer groups around the world, together

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