How can you tell if a vegetable 

or fruit is organic?

Look at the label 'glued' onto the product. If the code starts with a 9, example: apples 94017, then that is an organic piece of fruit.

If you do NOT see that on the label, but simply see 4017, it is simply not organic. If it has NO label, ask the produce manager.

Sometimes the vegetable will have a tie of some sort around it, look on this label for a number beginning with 9.

Ann's NOTE: Unfortunately I have often noticed that stores mix their organic and non-organic products. We have to be alert consumers and make sure the right food is in the bin.

The good news is,many supermarkets carry some organic produce. Carrots are usually everywhere as is broccoli. I have found organic onions and potatoes are often in a regular supermarket as well. Also, most have begun carrying organic tofu and soy cheeses.

If you have any questions about the produce in your local market, just ask the manager. It is good for them to know that shoppers want organic foods.

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