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8/04 Sadly we report that Valerie Sheppard has passed away. She was still a young woman. A friend emailed us. We do not know the cause of death. But Valerie touched a lot of people's lives. She helped many to access cancer therapies. She helped inform her community and a broader audience as well.

She will be missed. (Ann Fonfa)

2/04 The Sheppard Foundation website is off line. This is too bad. We have not been able to contact Valerie Sheppard in at least six months.

6/03 There seems to be a PROBLEM. We have been told that the phone is disconnected and the 800# belongs to another company. We are looking for more information about this.

"This foundation strictly supports the non-toxic treatment approach to cancer and all dis-eases".

They are affiliated with doctors doing work in New York, U.S., Canada, Mexico, South America, Germany and Kenya. "Knowing ALL the treatment modalities available will help to empower people when choosing a treatment protocol for their specific dis-ease". Isaac Hayes is the National Spokesperson. They ask you to contact them at:

The Sheppard Foundation 158 West 132nd Street New York, NY 10027 (212)491-6650 fax 491-6592 (877)666-HEAL Toll Free Number

The Sheppard Foundation's mission is "to research and inform the public of the most effective, affordable, non-toxic alternative treatments for dis-eases, both degenerative and terminal. We then refer ill individuals to our affiliate doctors and practitioners who provide these treatments in their practice, with an emphasis on children with cancer."

Ms. Valerie Sheppard, President and CEO "searched for an alternative to chemotherapy and found a treatment that saved" the life of her son, Andrew Sheppard whose cancer (lymphoma)was reversed in 1994.

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