Sexuality, Intimacy & Cancer Issues

Cancer therapies may interfere with survivors' abilities to experience sexual desire, to feel desireable or to be able to physically be sexual.

There are many reasons and some solutions. We have gathered some articles that may be helpfu. Remember you are not alone if you have issues in this area.

At a recent Women's Health Symposium (10/04), Dr. Gail Saltz, a New York City psychiatrist, suggested that sex is good for us since it can reduce stress, improve sleep, fight aging both physically and psychologically, and of course enhance the bond with your partner.

This is true for women and men. While some of the specifics may vary be sex/gender, the problems are there for many of us.

Ann Fonfa has written and spoken about her difficulties in revealing her 'breast-free' body to her partner. Without revisiting the issue, she did not find out that both of them were okay with it until six years had passed.

9/06 Ann's NOTE: Yesterday I went bowling - met an elderly woman who told me she had a mastectomy 30 years ago. She said she wondered why they had not removed both breasts - I asked her if she had any recurrence, she said no.

Then she whispered to me: "I was 50 when it happened, I never went with a man again". She's 80 years old now. Her mastectomy kept her from showing her nude body to a lover.

If there is one take-away message, it is that communication between partners is a REALLY GOOD thing.

It is well-known that up to 50% of men who undergo treatment for prostate cancer may experience sexual and other difficulties. There are some solutions.

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