Severe stunting, deaths and sterility in the progeny of rats

ISIS Press Release 05/12/06

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Dr. Mae-Wan Ho

Recipient of the Weston A. Price Integrity in Science Award 2006

Keynote Lecture to Wise Traditions Conference, Weston A Price Foundation, 11 November 2006

Severe stunting, deaths and sterility in the progeny of rats fed GM soya, the latest in a long line of evidence indicating that GM food and feed may be inherently hazardous to health.

GM crops are a recipe for global bio-devastation and famine; and a dangerous diversion from the urgent need to address the global food and energy crises

We need the widespread implementation of the ‘Dream Farm 2' model that maximises renewable energies and turns wastes into food and energy resources, phasing out the use of all fossil fuels and significantly mitigating global warming

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A study in progress at the Russian Academy of Sciences reveals excessive stunting, deaths and sterility in the progeny of rats fed genetically modified (GM) soya. It is the latest in a long line of scientific and anecdotal evidence indicating that GM food and feed may be inherently hazardous to health.

GM crops epitomises industrial monoculture, with its worst features exaggerated. They are part and parcel of the “environmental bubble economy” built on the over- exploitation of natural resources that has destroyed the environment, depleted water and fossil fuels and accelerated global warming.

As a result, world grain yields have been falling for six of the seven past years. Expanding the cultivation of GM crops now is a recipe for global bio- devastation, massive crop failures and global famine.

GM crops are a dangerous diversion from the urgent task of getting our food system sustainable in order to really feed the world.

There is a wealth of knowledge for making our food system sustainable that can provide food security and health for all while effectively mitigating global warming.

The greatest obstacle to implementing the knowledge is the dominant economic model of unrestrained, unbalanced growth that has precipitated the current crises.

I have proposed to put together all the appropriate technologies in a potentially highly productive zero- emission, zero-waste food and energy ‘Dream Farm 2' based on a model of sustainable systems as organisms. It is our best way forward to a greener, healthier and more fulfilling life without fossil fuels.

Latest findings on the health hazards of GM food and feed

Female rats fed GM soya produced excessive severely stunted pups with over half of the litter dying within three weeks and the surviving pups are sterile [1] ( GM Soya Fed Rats: Stunted, Dead or Sterile , SiS 33 ).

These alarming findings come from the laboratory of senior scientist Dr. Irina Ermakova at the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow. The experiments began two years ago, and the initial results hit the world press when Ermakova was invited to address the 11th Russian Gastroenterological Week in Moscow in October 2005.

Female rats given a supplement of GM Roundup Ready soya beginning two weeks before mating and continuing afterwards through pregnancy and lactation produced litters in which more than a third of the pups were severely stunted, and over half of the pups died within three weeks after birth.

Stunting was 5 to 6 times, and mortality 6 to 8 times those of control litters produced by females on normal rat pellets only, or rat pellets supplemented with non-GM soya. These results were confirmed in further experiments.

In addition, the surviving pups from the GM soya-fed females were completely sterile when mated with one another whether they continued to be fed GM soya or not.

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