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October 2010 Just saw a video about the center in New York City

Video OPENS to a New Window

Posted 2/08 Joan and Sue from the LGBT community.

At the San Antonio Breast Cancer Conference, December 2000, I picked up a brochure describing services for women with disabilities.

This group provides free clinical breast exams and breast self exam education. They have an accessible exam room and a multi-positioning exam table.

I note that they refer "to a mammography service able to accomodate most women who use wheelchairs or who have difficulty standing".

This organization has a website which describes their services and they may be able to offer advice to women with disabilities who are NOT located in Berkeley, California.

Services for Women with Disabilities

Berkeley, CA center. a link

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J Womens Health, 6/04 Those at higher risk for osteoporosis are 'USUALLY' at reduced risk of breast cancer

References for Osteoporosis & Women w/Disabilities
Viewpoint Mobility

LINK to company making wheelchair accessible minivan, The Vision - a rear-entry, lowered floor modification that is seamlessly engineered to make Daimler-Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors minivans as barrier-free as possible


LINK to site with extensive information on various wheelchairs

Axistive Assistive Techology News Portal

LINK offers free news, articles, product reviews & all product & vendor info of assistive technology devices. Find objective information on how to use & find devices that make the use of, & access to the digital world easier.

Intellectual Disabilities and Cancer Information

Euro J Onc Nursing, 4/06

Physical activity & nutritional behaviors of women w/physical disabilities:

J Women's Health Issues, 11-12/06

Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund

LINK to a nat'l law & policy ctr dedicated to protecting & advancing civil rights of people w disabilities through legislation, litigation, advocacy, technical assistance, & education & training of attorneys, advocates, persons w disabilities, & parents of children with disabilities.

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