Sean Patrick , Founder Hera Foundation

Sean Patrick

It is with a heavy heart that I tell you the ovarian community has lost one of it's strongest voices.

Those of you who have attended SPORE conferences over the years may have known Sean. She worked with the Md Anderson Ovarian SPORE. She had a rare form of low malignant potential ovarian cancer.

This is a cancer that is supposedly curable with just surgery except there are a few patients whose disease does recur. It doesn't respond to chemo.

She worked tirelessly to get the medical community to recognize this subtype of the disease. A few years ago the WHO removed LMP as a recognized cancer, something most gyn/oncs disagreed with.

Sean was a mountain climber and started an organization called the Hera Foundation which raised money for ovarian cancer research.

I met her at the first advocacy training conference that was run by the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance about 10 years ago and she'd been an active advocate ever since.

Diane Paul

Words cannot express how powerful Sean was to me as a new ovarian cancer advocate. I met Sean at the many conferences I attended and she had such a powerful spirit and message.

Wherever she went, she attempted to break the silence on this disease and note the very visible signs and symptoms and to pass along that ovarian cancer effects women of all ages.

Shannon M.

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