Self-Rated Health:Predictor of Survival

ABSTRACT: Self-Rated Health as a Predictor of Survival Among Patients With Advanced Cancer

PURPOSE: Evidence is emerging about the strong predictive relationship between self-rated health (SRH) and survival, although there is little evidence on palliative populations where an accurate prediction of survival is valuable.

Thus, the relative importance of SRH in predicting the survival of ambulatory patients with advanced cancer was examined. SRH was compared to clinical assessments of performance status, as well as to quality-of-life measures.

CONCLUSION: SRH is valid, reliable, and responsive to change as a predictor of survival of advanced cancer.

These qualities suggest that SRH should be considered as an additional tool by oncologists to assess patients. Similarly, health managers could use SRH as an indicator of disease severity in palliative care case mix.

Finally, SRH could provide a key to help us understand the human side of disease and its relationship with medicine.

[05/20/2002; Journal of Clinical Oncology]

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Institute of Medicine, October 2007

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