Second & Next Chemo: What do we KNOW?

Second and subsequent lines of chemotherapy for metastatic breast cancer: what did we learn in the last two decades?

F. Cardoso, A. Di Leo,+, C. Lohrisch, C. Bernard, F. Ferreira and M. J. Piccart

Department of Medical Oncology, Jules Bordet Institute, Boulevard de Waterloo 125, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

‘It matters not how long we live, but how.’

Festus, Philip James Bailey

Despite almost 30 years of clinical cancer research, the true impact of second and subsequent lines of chemotherapy on the outcome of metastatic breast cancer patients, especially on the duration of survival, is still unknown.

In the virtually incurable metastatic setting, issues like quality of life and patients’ preferences gain particular relevance. At the turn of the century, in-depth rethinking of the design of clinical trials run in this challenging disease setting appears to be warranted.

Annals of Oncology 13:197-207, 2002 © 2002 European Society for Medical Oncology

Optimal Duration of CMF-Treatment Failure/Overall Survival

EJC, 10/03

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