Many elements of Gerson have been shown scientifically to

fight cancer.  Although Gerson did empirical work, science 

has caught up

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Brewer's Yeast: rich in vitamins, minerals and protein. Gerson program uses brewer's yeast daily on salads and baked potatoes. Sprinkle it on, add flaxseed oil and garlic. Even if you have candida problems, you can use this "yeast".

Very rich in Nucleic Acid which is a basic element in cell development, may retard the aging process.

Chromium: excellent source for GTF Glucose Tolerance Factor, essential for production of insulin.

Potassium, Lechithin and Selenium: strong presence in Brewer's Yeast (Cells need potassium and reduced sodium when fighting cancer)

Protein levels can be as high as 55-60%.

Vitamin B is also a factor. Do not cook this substance. It can be added to cooked food afterwards.

Flaxseed oil is a daily ingredient of the program. It has been shown to (possibly) reverse pre-malignancies. It is an Omega 3 source of fatty acids, necessary for the body.

Garlic is a source of anti-cancer activity. Used daily in the Gerson program. It is an important vegetable and should be incorporated in everyone's program unless you have a specific reason not to. It is useful in controlling cholesterol and high blood pressure also. Good for the heart. If you hate the smell, take at least one type of dietary supplement that contains garlic ingredients. From a talk that Ann heard at Sloan Kettering in NYC, there are at least 15 active ingedients in garlic. All have useful properties.

Green apples (used in the juicing daily) have been shown to be high in glucoronic acid, another tool in fighting cancer. Carrots are a source of carotenoids. (not just beta-carotene).

Potatoes are a good source of alpha-lipoic acid. Alpha-lipoic acid is an antioxidant with many healthful functions in the body.

Whole foods are best. Eat them and juice them.

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