Sandi Pniauskas Letter, October 2005

Take care of yourself

Oct 14, 2005

To the editor:

Breast cancer awareness month is in full swing with pink being the colour of choice. It is not enough to recognize the relationship between pink and breast cancer, unless you actually take the steps to protect yourself.

I spoke to a woman earlier this year who told me her breasts were her best attribute, to which I commented: "No, your brain is the best part of you." The conversation caused distress for both of us. You see this woman's mother had died of breast cancer and her father from colorectal cancer. I urged her to please consult with her physician but I have a very sick feeling that she has not done so and so often the reason is fear. Do not let fear stand in the way of taking care of yourself.

In January 2005, a study was published by the Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto. The purpose of the study was to estimate the risk of ovarian cancer after a primary diagnosis of breast cancer in those who carry the BRCA 1/2 genes (family cancer pre dispositions). In this select population, over a 10-year study period, 25 per cent of the deaths in women with stage I breast cancer were due to a subsequent ovarian cancer. For those women who were subject to chemotherapy treatment or maintenance therapy (Tamoxifen), no significant reduction in the risk of ovarian cancer was seen.

The lifetime risk of breast cancer in women is approximately 1 in 8. I urge you not to complicate matters. You see, your brain is the best part of you and we are not paying attention enough.

Sandi Pniauskas


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