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Ruthy Waston Breast Cancer Issues conference


Ruthy Watson Conference, Holiday Inn, West Palm Beach, Florida

By the Healing Princess (photo shown)

The diagnoses of breast cancer causes a great deal of stress and anxiety for most survivors, Ruthy Watson Breast Cancer Conference, Ruthy-Price Watson, PhD, presented an excellent presentation on stress, stress causes and stress management including techniques to relieve stress.

The definition of stress: collective response of the body to events or occurrences also referred to a stressor. In simple terms the body is depleted of nutrients that regulated the body as a result of stress. The stressor can occur inside the body or outside the body. There are also good stressors.

Immediate and long term physical responses to stress include, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, fatigue disorientation, loss of appetite, weight loss or weight gain, hair loss, skin rashes, excessive sweating, stomach conditions and many other illnesses, anger, violence and suicide. As you can see it is extremely important to eliminate and minimize stress in your life immediately.

Today our focus is on foods and substances that increase the effects of stress in the body.

The following foods and substances boldly highlighted from the conference are as follows:

BEVERAGES: Soda, Energy drinks, Vitamin waters

CAFFIENE: that cup of coffee may be contributing to your over all stress. A quote from the conference “adding caffeine to an already stressed body is like adding fuel to fire”.

Ann's NOTE: Soda has NO nutrients at all and is very acidic.

Recommendation: Limit caffeine intake, use decaffeinated teas and coffee and drink clean clear water.

SUGARS/ARTIFICIAL SWEETNERS: Including Natural sugars Fructose, Glucose, Lactose, Maltose and Sucrose, Artificial Sweetener in foods include High Fructose corn syrup (HFC), Aspartame, Neotame, Saccharin, Splenda, Acelsfame-K.

Recommendations: Limit the use of Sugar and Artificial sweeteners; use Honey, Stevia and Agave natural sweeteners

CHEMICALS/ARTIFICIAL SUBSTANCES ADDITIVES: Such as household cleaners, air fresheners, chemical agents of any kind, food preservatives, body care and cosmetic preservatives, artificial substances in supplements etc. All of these substances are stressors or stimulants to the body’s systems.

Recommendations: Limit the use of these substances; try to live a green lifestyle.

PRESERVATIVES: Nitrates, Sulfites, Sulfates, BHT, BHA, EDTA, MSG- Monosodium Glutamate and Sodium (6 types found in food) this is a big one, sodium in high concentration is in most canned, bottled, packaged and frozen foods. Preservatives are found in most processed foods. The preservatives prolong shelf life of food and deter spoilage, discoloration and maintain texture. The preservatives can by synthetic or natural. It should be noted many are linked to cancers, allergies and skin conditions.

Recommendations: Read your labels!! Try and use foods that are minimally processed (fresh is best). If you can not pronounce the ingredient, don’t buy it.

ADDITIONAL STRESSORS: Dr. Watson also listed other factors that contribute to stress as follows: family, relationships, work, school, tests, home, air pollution, environmental factors, perceptions, challenges, body care products and hormones and illness.

I would also include weddings, divorces, job loss, financial problems, the loss of a home or possessions, loss of a love one and the challenges survivors face prior to during and after treatment for cancer including the numerous side effects.

It is important to work through these major life stressors, do not be afraid to join a support group, speak to doctors, nurses, pastors or counselors, anyone who may be able to offer help and comfort. If you have been have been diagnosed a medical condition; such as cancer or any other disease, or you are experiencing any of life’s challenges seek help now, do not attempt to navigate these challenges alone. Things do get better!!!

I will close with an affirmation from presenter Gladys Guerrero:

AFFIRMATION: ‘I Breath in Confidence and Success; and I breath out doubt and debt. I Breath in Health and I Breath out sickness I Breath in Triumphant; and I Breath out defeat”.

Take these breaths several times a day to relieve stress.

Written by the Healing Princess

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