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From an email July 2006

If you have the ability to reach people with cancer, it is important that you understand this from the beginning. You will understand that I can go head to head with any doctor and prove this is successful.

Please have a little patience.

A little more than twenty years ago I was on an Army helicopter mission in northern Wyoming when I happened to notice some blue and green rocks on the ground. I was pretty familar with turquoise and thought I could mine this stone for jewelry.

It finally took me about ten years to get permission and be able to retrieve the stone. It is embedded in limestone and has to be dynamited out. It is a mixture of malachite, chrysocolla, turquouise, and silver.

I had started making cabachons for jewelry, but started getting many stories back on how it was helping people with many different ailments. I am not into holistics or magic and thought it was all in thier heads. After so many stories, I decided to look into this further.

After working with doctors, many lab reports, and much research, I started to take this more seriously. The facts are that the stone puts out 2mRem of radiation a day, puts out between 260 and 380 milivolts of electricity DC, and has an uncanny ability to absorb impurities. I will explain these one at a time.

The radiation it puts out is the main reason it is fighting cancer. If you would take anytime and research "Radiation Hormesis" on the internet, it would put a perspective on this. Some of the best research was done by "T.D. Luckey".

You will find that in incidents of Nagasaki, Hiroshima, Chernobyl, Bikini Beach, The Trinity A Bomb, and the research that has been done with Nuclear Shipyard Workers, that the people that have recieved low doses of radiation, cancer rates have gone down and they have been living much longer.

If you do enough research, you will find some pretty amazing stories. Again, please take this very seriously. You can find alot of data on the benefits of low radiation. Briefly, it is like alchohol, zero is good, too much will kill you, but just a little is good for you. This is called Hormesis.

What the radiation is doing is slightly damaging the cells, not killing them like chemo, and allowing the cells to secrete a small amount of protein. This is how your immune system works. What we are doing with this low dose radiation is not killing cells, but activating your own complex immune system to attack the abnormal cells.

This works with no long term effects and never having to worry about remission. Incredible! I have much information on this subject and can geive you much more that makes sense, but I desperately urge you to research "Radiation Hormesis".

The problem with this "radiation hormesis therapy" is that if you could find a doctor here is the States that would give you this therapy, you would have to go in at least twice a week and get about 10 to 15 mRem and the cost would be tremendous. If you were to try and find a natural source, it would be difficult to find a stone that would give you such a low dose.

They are currently practicing this radiation hormesis therapy in Japan and Russia with great results. Purely by accident, the stone is working! The two other things the stone does, is one, it puts out a small amount of electricity. Some people would tell me they would experience it putting out a small discharge. I thought this was in thier heads until I witnessed it. This is either because the quartz that holds it together is piezoelectric or pyroelectric, or because it has different metals in it and has a thermocouple effect. I have the lab reports and believe the radiation is from a small thorium content. I think that the two energies are somehow working in unison with each other. Two, the stone seems to absorb what I believe to be toxins or infection. Again, I wouldn't believe this either if I had not witnessed it.

I do not make jewelry anymore, but instead cut the stone into sizes about the size of your palm. People wear it, sleep with it, and carry it. Most of my customers are doctors. With different situations, I cut the stones for the person's needs, whether it be brain stem gliomas, prostate cancer, breast cancer, or other types of cancer.

Even psychologically, the stone has great effects on people. I have most people document thier experiences with the stone so that they can share it with others. It has been 100% successful!

This is not that hard to understand. I am a helicopter mechanic, not a scientist, and have been helping people and researching this stone for over 20 years. I am not good with a computer, but will forward a few of my favorite emails from people that are using the stone. If you can help, please do. As I have said, I have the lab reports, scientific data, and the testimonials.

I have gone head to head with doctors and won. Most finally put two and two together and get it. They are using it with thier patients, not labratory mice.

This is an easy therapy, but you have to be committed. If you have anybody that has cancer and does not want chemo anymore, I promise this will work.

I'll send you testimonials under the subject Stone.

Jay G., Colorado

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Abstract: Evidence for Beneficial Low Level RTx/Rad Hormesis

Br J Radiol, Jan 2005

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