Role of Yoga & Nutrition in Cancer Management

4th International Seminar on Complementary Therapies in Cancer Management World Cancer Day, February 4, 2006, Hyderabad, India

“The Role of Yoga & Nutrition in Cancer Management”

Main meeting sponsor and host was AM Charitable Trust, “formed in March 1998 to explore the possibility of solutions to cancer using combination therapies (complementary therapies as well as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery as adjuvant therapies) or a combination of alternative therapies only.”

Ann Fonfa, founder and president of The Annie Appleseed Project was the keynote speaker. See below for her talk.

There was a fascinating presentation on Yoga by Dr. H.R. Nagendra, Vice Chancellor, VYASA, Bangalore, India.

Yoga is not merely a set of Yogasanas or Pranayama or Meditation; but it is a Science of Holistic Living consisting of a Holistic Value System featured by health and wealth, bliss and poise, harmony and efficiency. There are four paths:

Jnana Yoga- Path of Intellect

Raja Yoga - Will Power

Bhakthi Yoga- Emotions

Karma Yoga – Action, Perfection, Bliss, Knowledge, Peace, Freedom, Power and Harmony


Ann Fonfa's Presentation in India

Cancer, Nutrition & Integrated Therapies from the Patient Advocate Perspective

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