"Ancient Egyptian Rods"

The Project received an email directing us to a website discussing the use of 'rods' to treat diseases including cancer. We have no other source of information than the people actually selling these products. But we like to offer all possible information so you can make your own informed decisions. Here are some quotes from their site in Russia:

"Some interesting results were obtained in the investigations carried out by Dr M.A. Blank, a leading specialist of the Central Scientific Research Institute for Roentgenology and Radiology at the Oncological Center in Pesochny outside St Petersburg.

Dr Blank made the following comment: "There is a parameter that characterizes the functioning of cells - the respiratory waves of cells. Oncological condition of the organism suppresses those respiratory waves, but the cylinders, on the contrary, improve that parameter.

But cancer is an extremely serious "citadel"; you won't seize it with such gentle means. Perhaps, it is worth using like a preventive measure, but this conclusion requires additional researches.

One thing is clear: where cancer makes things bad, the cylinders try to make them a little better."


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