Contralateral breast cancer risk is influenced by 

age at onset in BRCA1-associated breast cancer


BRCA1/2 mutation carriers diagnosed with breast cancer have a strongly elevated life-time risk of developing a contralateral tumour. We studied the contralateral breast cancer risk in 164 patients from 83 families with a proven BRCA1 mutation in relation to the age at diagnosis of the first primary breast cancer.

In the actuarial outcomes after 10 years follow-up, 40% of the 124 BRCA1-patients diagnosed with breast cancer < 50 years had developed contralateral breast cancer, vs 12% of the 40 patients > 50 years at first diagnosis (Plogrank= 0.02).

These data suggest that age at diagnosis of the first tumour should be taken into account when prophylactic mastectomy in BRCA1-patients is considered.

Ann's NOTE: Glossary-contralateral means the other breast from where you were originally diagnosed. The study authors are suggesting that women diagnosed under the age of 50 have a greater chance of developing cancer in the other breast. They suggest that this be factored in when considering mastectomy of (yet)unaffected side. This is a very personal decision.

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Ovarian Cancer Risk for Breast Cancer 'Survivors'

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