Originally created in 1932-34, 

an electrical frequency machine

Mr. Royal Rife was a bacteriologist as well as mechanically inclined. He created a new type of microscope in 1929. In 1932, he identified a type of virus he called BX which he felt was responsible for causing cancer. He felt that BX had four distinct forms(see Gaston Naessens and 714X).

Rife believed he could destroy the BX virus by using a particular frequency with a machine he built. In 1934 the technique was tested on 16 terminally ill patients, some with cancer. He reported that they felt no pain and no tissue was seen to be destroyed while the treatment was given for 3 minutes every third day. The virus or bacteria was said to be destroyed with the lymph system absorbing and detoxifying. No special diet was offered with this program. In 1935, Rife identieid another form of cancer a micro-organism(fungus). Various clinics were opened throughout the 1930's offering this treatment.

The medical mainstream rejected his ideas and treatments. As of 1992 there was a Rife Laboratory which is re-evaluating the electronic instruments that supply this energy medicine.

From time to time I get calls from people who say they have a "Rife" manchine. A group in Northern New Jersey has been using one for some time. One report states that 5 men with prostate cancer have seen their PSA readings decrease. All of them also take PC Spes and have been using 1/3 their usual doses simultanesouly. More results will be discussed in later posts.

A book was written on this topic called: "The Cancer Cure That Worked, fifty years of suppression" by Barry Lynes. The publisher is a Canadian company, Marcus Books (416)478-2201.

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