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Rice Yield Doubled By simple, natural technique

Without newfangled technology, chemical treatments or any additional cost, an international team of scientists has helped Chinese rice growers double their yields.

The simple method, which mimics nature's mechanism to preserve all living species, involves diversity. Instead of planting just one type of rice, farmers now plant two types. Now, when a disease strikes, only half the crop in a particular field is affected.

"With this one change, growers were able to radically restrict the incidence of rice blast -- the most important disease of this most important staple in the world. Within just two years, farmers were able to abandon the chemical fungicides previously widely used to fight the disease," reports The New York Times.

The researched crop now covers 100,000 acres and involves tens of thousands of farmers, says the report. It quotes Dr. Christopher Mundt, population biologist at Oregon State University and the one American-based author of the study, which was published in the current edition of the journal Nature.

"I'm excited about the possibilities. There is a lot of potential even beyond rice," says Mundt.

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