Metab Oncol/Effecting Lysis:Solid Tumors

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And here is an excerpt:

"The Metabolic Oncolytic Regimen is based on the seminal work of former NASA scientist Clarence Cone, Jr., Ph.D. My permutation of the oncolytic approach to treating solid tumors was first published during December 1996.

Since that time this species of metabolic therapy has been further refined and modified so as to make achieving oncolysis more probable. This paper outlines my hypothesis and the revised (2001) and updated regimen in its entirety."

From the Summary:

"The Metabolic Oncolytic Regimen is based on an approach to achieving lysis in solid tumors pioneered by Clarence Cone, Jr., Ph.D. (NASA, retired). Dr. Cone's novel therapy, which is reflected in patents granted various versions of same [U.S. patent #s 4,724,230 (1988), 4,724,234 (1988), and 4,935,450 (1990)] essentially involves manipulating various metabolic and biochemical pathways such that tumors produce prodigious quantities of lactic acid. This is achieved using a specific dietary regimen plus various synthetic and natural drugs , e.g,., the bioflavinoid quercetin is employed to block export of lactate from the tumor which results in a lethal drop in intratumor pH. [The Cone therapy involves two treatment phases with a resting or nontreatment interval between them].

The principle shortcoming of the Cone therapy lies in the fact that it is hypoxic clusters within certain solid tumors - and not the entire tumor - which synthesizes and exports lactic acid (Something which came to light after Dr. Cone's original patent application was filed). The Cone therapy is thus very appropriate and quite effective in helping eradicate hypoxic intratumor cell communities. It does not, however, address the lysis of the non-hypoxic regions of solid tumors per se.

The Metabolic Oncolytic Regimen is a marriage of Cone's basic hypoxic tumor cell lysing technique with others geared to deal a lethal blow to both hypoxic and non-hypoxic tumor cells. It also incorporates compounds and therapeutic techniques which complement the Cone approach (Most of which were not available and/or widely used when Dr. Cone filed for his patents)."

Metabolic Oncolytic Regimen

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