The Revici Method, explained by Ken Korins, MD

June 23, 1997

October 2011 UPDATE:

Revici Biological Research, Inc. 36-56 38 Street, 2nd FL Long Island City, NY 11101

Tel: (718) 729-6703 Fax: (718) 729-7126

Both Dr. Chu Fong and Dr. Ken Korins have passed away (October 2001). We do not know who is currently offering the Revici Therapy. Please contact us if you are using this method and can advise us.

5/20/02 update: A Dr. Radu Kramer has taken over the practice. Relative (niece?) Elena runs it.

Call on M, W, Th or F and ask for Shirley or Rodica

11/03 UPDATE:Dr Kramer Works out of Paramus, NJ and Elena works from NYC. That office is on E 28th Street(she shares an office with Dr. Warren Levin). (INFO sent to us by someone whose sister is taking the treatment).

From: J R., Washington State (not a cancer patient, but a concerned person).

Dr. Kenneth Korins spoke to us tonight about Dr. Emanuel Revici's work in cancer treatment. Dr. Revici began his work sixty -70 years ago. He questioned how the body fights cancer,why it spreads in some people and not in others. He realized that one could still get cancer even if the immune system was functioning. Cancer in some way had a method for blocking the immune system's fight.

Dr. Revici originally noticed the pain patterns in patients. He saw that some had pain at night, some at mealtimes. This was clearly a pattern. He began to look at acid-based balances of the body which relate to the circadian rhythms. He experimented with acid and alkaline balance and found some patients improved from one or the other. This did not fight the cancer, but controlled pain. He then found that some tumors were created in each environment. He analyzed the tumor tissue and found that the lipid components were very different.

Orthodox medicine recognizes this difference too. Lipids can be thought of as oils and fats in the body. Revici studied these substances and found that where there was a predominance of sterols and he gave the patient fatty acids it could penetrate into the cancer cells with a therapeutic effect. He experimented with animals and then patients. He created the substances to be used. Patients showed both objective and subjective results. Some tumors were reduced, many were stabilized. Some patients went into remission but many more achieved long-term stabilization.

There is still not a lot of evidence that tumor shrinkage will increase survival. Many of his patients got longer term survival than expected, some very long. Lacking funds, he never did many studies but had a significant group of patients who got well from advanced cancers. His story is described in a forthcoming book "The Doctor Who Cures Cancer" by William Kelley Eidem(not their choice for the title). It is about how he fought the AMA, the politics involved in medicine and the economics.

Prospective studies have been done. One was done with patients with less than ninety days to live. The results were very good. The average survival was 172 days with the study lasting 7 years and some subset of patients surviving throughout. There were 53 breast cancer patients of whom twelve survived and most got much longer term than expected.

Dr. Revici's own textbook was published in 1961. Within three months, he and his work were placed on the "Unconventional Methods" list of the American Cancer Society. He lost his license to practice medicine three years ago at the age of 97. Apparently health inspectors saw his premises and decided his record-keeping methods were not appropriate. It is expected that his medical license will be reinstated this year. (Dr. Revici died in shortly after this lecture was given).)

Selenium is a factor in this treatment. Dr. Revici created all the medicines given. The method is considered non-toxic, although slight nausea is possible. Also since some substances are given via injection, there can be soreness or local inflammation.

Diet: Dr. Revici looked at foods for their anabolic/catabolic balance.(see acid/alkaline information) Some foods promote growth and some promote cell destruction or necrosis. He found sugar and salt to be anabolic(growth promoting) to cancer patients. Dr. Korins who has been working with Dr, Revici for one year, also worked with Gary Null. Dr. Korins has instituted a modified Gerson program with lots of organic juicing and detoxification(including coffee enema daily and some herbs). He told us that some old-time Revici patients had gotten well and still ate junk food, but most seemed to have modified their diets on their own.

Duration of treatment: Patients receive Dr. Revici's medicines-each program is tailored for the individual. They take some medicines continually, some are short-term. Cancer should be thought of as a chronic illness like diabetes. This means some treatment may always be required. They accept all patients, and cannot distinguish between those who will benefit from the therapy(like conventional physicians).

Patients are encouraged to consult a medical oncologist as well. It is important to understand what is medical fact and what is a doctor's opinion. People with in-situ tumors would be accepted but usually surgical excision is considered enough treatment. They analyze patient's urine for the anabolic/catabolic PH levels. They look to balance an individual.

Cost of treatment: Initial consult is $300-$500(includes compounds for first month). The patient is seen frequently in the beginning, especially if in a critical state. As they improve it is reduced. Follow-up visits are $150.00 Some costs may be reimbursable. Medicare has not done so at all. They also recommend vitamins/supplements available at certain health food stores. If patients get IV's the cost is $200 a week for about 6 weeks. Revici had concerns about high dose Vitamin C, so their drips are multiple compounds.

Some Vitamin C's contain high doses of sodium and this may be the problem. General costs of treatment stay at about $200 a month for the first year at least. Patients who cannot afford the treatment after that are usually subsidized. When Revici began, he never charged for his work. But times have changed financially so they must do so. They work with a lab that will have FDA approval and Revici Center Inc. has received an IND for the compounds.

Contact: Revici Center, Inc., call (212)246-5122-located at 200 West 57th Street.

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