Author - brain tumor survivor Eric Galvez

"I had spent my entire young adult life preparing for a career to help others rehabilitate from catastrophic diagnoses. After almost 2 years working as a physical therapist, I received shocking news that I was the recipient of my own catastrophic diagnosis.

In September 2005, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I became someone I’ve spent years preparing to help. Reversal: When A Therapist Becomes A Patient is about my experiences as a young rehab patient and healthcare professional. It is unique because it contains:

The humorous perspective of a young active male brain tumor patient that many people can relate

The logical perspective of a patient with a medical background when faced with difficult medical dilemmas

Multiple perspectives from the loved ones closest to a patient

A real time format that is easy to read and validates the authenticity of the situation

A book soundtrack available exclusively on iTunes

The perspective of a 2nd Generation Filipino American patient vs. the views of his overprotective traditional Filipino parents

This “blook” is my personal account of the first three years of my incredible journey.

In this time; I published the first edition of the book, walked 4 charity 5K walks; started the Tumors Suck! movement; started the nonprofit, mAss Kickers Foundation; emerged as a leader in brain tumor advocacy, became involved in the young adult survivor movement; and redirected my professional goals from a career in physical therapy to a career in the nonprofit sector.

All the royalties from Reversal sales go to mAss Kickers Foundation. Please tell all your friends about it".

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