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Interestingly there have been a variety of studies looking at the benefits of NATURE for human beings. Unsurprisingly it makes all of us feel BETTER to be outdoors. One study even stated that whether one was an 'outdoor' type of not, being out in nature (taking a walk, biking, etc.) was really beneficial.

See "Vitalizing effects" below which examined 5 different studies.

The Noble Circle

LINK toThe Noble Circle, a retreat program for women with breast cancer. Focus on the Asian Healing Arts of nutrition and qigong

Boxelder Basin Wellness Retreat

LINK to Ringoes, NJ retreat with Sally Miller ("week-long journey to wellness")

Hippocrates Health Institute, WPB Florida

LINK "available to all persons w health challenges, those who need to energize their lives, and those who want to enjoy a state of vibrant well-being".

WHYME House Foundation, Inc

Buffalo, NY

Smith Farm Ctr for healing and the arts

LINK to Washington, DC-based nonprofit health, education and creative arts organization that serves individuals, families and communities affected by cancer and other serious illness.

Breast Cancer Retreats - Bca Recovery Fndtn, Inc.

LINK to group whose "mission is to nurture, enhance & aid in the physical, emotional & spiritual recovery of those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer".

Healthy by Nature

LINK to Oceanside, Vancouver Island, BC CANADA Retreat

Reel Recovery

LINK to nat'l non-profit conducting fly-fishing retreats for men w/life- threatening cancer

Casting for Recovery

LINK - org provides fly fishing retreats for women w/breast ca

Infinite Boundaries

LINK to Breast Cancer Recovery Foundation program "healing by heart and mind"

Health By Nature

LINK to "Healing Destination Qualicum Bay Vancouver Island, BC, Canada" Cancer & Chronic Illness


LINK for guest stays, teacher training and more Satchidananda Ashram

Survivor's Retreat

LINK to site about retreats for women with cancer & families

Heritage Store and Spa

LINK to Virginia Beach, Va health food store and spa

Women Beyond Cancer

LINK: Retreats and adventures for women with any type of cancer, in many different locations

Vitalizing effects of being outdoors and in nature

Journal of Environmental Psychology, June 2010. Online November 2009

Spirit Recovery

LINK: "born out of a a desire to create a non- denominational program for the growing numbers of people who are seeking to recover and increase their spiritual consciousness.

We designed our programs so people can reclaim their authentic state as spiritual beings like becoming children again, loving life completely & fully, while maintaining the wisdom of our adult experience".

Parsonage Side Retreat - UK

LINK: "PSR is a purpose built residential centre for consciousness exploration. Here you can experience high tech Hemi-Sync programmes, as well as a broad range of traditional spiritual workshops & retreats such as; out of body experiences, lucid dreaming, healing, mediumship, shamanic healing & psychic & spiritual development. We also hold a monthly "Full Moon Golden Atlantean Healing Pool", using crystal bowls & sound".

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