Restoration of Some Sensation Aftr Rcnstrctn

Further Experience With Innervated Autologous Flaps in Postoncologic Breast Reconstruction.

Isenberg, J Scott MD, MPH *; Spinelli, Henry MD +

Abstract: Restoration of sensation remains an area of minimal concern in autologous breast reconstruction.

In contrast, it is routine for the reconstructive surgeon to include sensory restoration as part of the reconstruction of the upper and lower limb and the head and neck.

We have utilized sensate autologous soft tissue units for breast reconstruction and present the results of a four-year period.

Among a cohort of 15 women who underwent sensate breast reconstruction improvement in all sensory modalities tested, both rapidity of sensory return and strength of sensation were noted when compared to reported sensory outcomes among women undergoing non-sensate breast reconstruction.

Final sensory levels approached but did not equal the non-reconstructed contralateral breast.

Operative times and wound healing complications were not statistically increased in sensate reconstructions as compared to a group on non-sensate reconstructions. The results of the study suggest that sensate reconstruction is a reasonable addition to autologous breast reconstruction.

Annals of Plastic Surgery. 52(5):448-451, May 2004.

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