Restoring Immunity


The theme of Dr. Clark's voluminous work on diseases (Cure for All Diseases) is the revitalization of the body's immune system, so that the immune system can fend off harmful parasites, pathogens, and toxins.

A revitalized immune system is predicated upon curing three major immune defects: The removal of the immune blockers, asbestos, benzene, metals (lanthanides and mercury and thallium), and PCBs, plus azo dyes; the avoidance of certain food chemicals, called phenolics; and the restoration of the body's natural immunity to make immune chemicals.

12.Removing Immunity Blockers and Azo Dyes

The immune blockers asbestos, benzene, metals (magnetic ones and mercury and thallium) and PCBs all in some fashion inhibit the ability of the white blood cells' phagocytes to digest bacteria, dead refuse, and toxins. Azo dyes, by killing some lymphocytes and multiplying others, inhibit the ability of the lymphocytes to kill things, such as viruses.

A. The immune blockers and azo dyes may simultaneously be in food. Are you taking special precautions when preparing food? Using a food zappicator? (The zappicator helps remove traces of immune blockers.) Are you avoiding zapper current-insulating PCBs in soaps? Are you using any special recipes to get rid of the immunity blockers and azo dyes?

Since benzene builds up in the bone marrow, I'm giving that solvent top priority. How am I becoming a benzene buster? The first thing to go was my bottled water. I'm trying to replace it with glass bottles and get rid of the plastic. I said goodbye to Haagen Daz and when I found out my Wonder Bread wasn't so wonderful, I let that go, too.

I replaced my Caress soap with Dr. Clark's olive oil soap, and after my bath I no longer put perfumed lotion all over my body. Body lotion moves directly from the thymus to the bone marrow. I've also discontinued using aromatic bath crystals. I don't need to read the label to know they must be harmful. I purchased Borax to use as a cleaning product for my housework and clothing, too.

I plan to zappicate my food as soon as I get a food zappicator. I'm sure it will make the process a lot easier if I do manage to slip up somewhere in my diet.

B. In an effort to banish mercury and thallium, have you begun the daunting task of removing dental metals?

Removing dental metal is an undertaking I'm not eager to carry out yet, but I plan to work on it.

In my pursuit of better dental health, I've switched to Dr. Clark's tooth powder and find that besides the health benefits it has a pleasant peppermint flavor. I also rub oregano oil on my gums, especially in the area of capped teeth.

13. Restoring Complement C3 - Avoiding Food Phenolics Certain natural food chemicals, called phenolics, when not detoxified in the liver due to the presence of parasites, become allergenic (antigenic), bring inflammation and tissue destruction, and use up the part of the immune system called Complement C3, which is necessary for the white blood cells' "killer" action. For the cancer patient:

The food phenolic, Phloridzin, when it is not detoxified in the liver due to the presence of the Clonorchis fluke, is antigenic to the pituitary gland and initiates the tumor nucleus. Phloridzin is found in certain apples, soy products, pork products, and unripe fruits.

The food phenolic, chlorogenic acid, when it is not detoxified in the liver due to the presence of the Strongyloides worms, is antigenic to the hypothalmus gland, and contributes to the tumor nucleus. Chlorogenic acid is present in unripe fruits, dairy products (cow), fried and undercooked potatoes, and coffee.

The food phenolic, gallic acid, the antigen for the pancreas, is found in grains and oils if preserved with propyl gallate, and participates in the tumor nucleus. Food phenolics are able to pile up in their respective organs when the immune system is impaired due to the presence of the immunity blockers and azo dyes.

Due to the accumulated phenolics, the hypothalmus and pituitary glands micro-explode, sending their cells and hormone-havoc throughout the bloodstream. The body's killer cells, choked with mercury and thallium, can't kill these bits of gland tissue swimming around the body.

Free floating gland tissues consume more and more immune power, making it conducive for more organs to be attacked by phenolics. Organ after organ becomes inflamed. If the fused hypothalmus-pituitary cells pass through another inflamed organ, their cells attach to it. If the cells attach to an inflamed pancreas, the hypothalmus- pituitary-pancreas cells form the tumor nucleus that may lead to cancer. A. Are you staying away from or specially preparing food containing phloridizin, chlorogenic acid, and gallic acid? Plus apiol for breast cancer and metastases? Any others?

My biggest worry is about the phenol, apiol, which is antigenic for the breast and causes metastases. Apiol is found in many commercial oils. I am trying to only use the safe oils that are pictured in Dr. Clark's HIV book - especially olive oil.

I am also worried about the phenolic, gallic acid, which triggers the SV 40 virus and contributes to the tumor nucleus. Since it is found in grains and oils if preserved with propyl gallate, I am cooking my grains. A food zappicator in the future will help.

As far as allergies are concerned, I've been struggling for years with both environmental and food allergies. I guess I'm fortunate at this point in time to be allergic to soy. Since my cancer is estrogen receptive, eating soy would make it spread faster. Soy is in most packaged foods in your kitchen cabinet. It's also in canned soups. I've learned to read labels or suffer the consequences.

In the past, I took Black Cohosh and other herbs recommended for menopause; however, since being diagnosed with estrogen positive cancer my doc told me to avoid herbs that are used for menopause. It's maddening to think that you are helping yourself, only to find out later that you are feeding your cancer. Women with estrogen positive cancer should avoid herbs and foods that create estrogen. The best rule of thumb is that if it's an herb or a food that's being touted for menopause, avoid it.

I don't eat apples and I've given up fruits that tend to quickly turn moldy. Red meat isn't a problem since I gave it up years ago. Dr. Clark's book can be overwhelming. It's a lot of information to absorb, so I tell people to take their time digesting it.

I take notes and write down the important stuff on index cards. Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day, and your body won't be healed in a day, either. But I've never seen such immediate results with any health regime I've encountered before.

13.The body uses its own natural immunity, in the form of immune chemicals, such as benzoquinone (BQ) and rhodizonic acid (RZ), to kill large parasites, our flukes, our roundworms, including Ascaris of two kinds. But Ascaris chemicals "quench" BQ and RZ. How can they be restored? Electronically prepared drops can instruct the body to make the missing immune chemicals. Have you tried it?

Homeography sounds like such a powerful healing modality. You can be sure I plan to employ it in my healing regimen. I'm in the process now of learning what I can about it and am preparing to use it. I'll keep the Dr. Clark Association updated on my progress.


15. The liver cleanse will help the liver function in its role of detoxification. Have you done the liver cleanse? Kidney cleanse? Liver herbs?

I'm now in week four of the kidney cleanse. On day three I noticed gravel was being passed. With a history of problematic kidney stones, I know that all too familiar feeling of passing stones. I can actually feel them moving across my back and I've felt this kind of activity a lot since starting the cleansing treatment.

Also, one of the physical signs of kidney problems is the appearance of black circles under the eyes. I've noticed mine started to fade after the second week. My eyes also look clearer, too.

I haven't been the only one to see the noticeable changes. Friends and family have told me that I'm not as swollen or bloated. Not that I'm ready for the runway yet, but my clothes tell me that, too. It seems the kidney cleanse has drained the fluid my tissue was retaining.

The only complication I had with the cleansing routine was an allergic reaction to the Goldenrod Tincture. Dr. Clark gives us a warning about this herb in her book, so I imagine that many people are sensitive to it. And I should have known better since I'm allergic to Chamomile and from what an herb knowledgeable friend tells me they are in the same family.

After seeing the encouraging results from the kidney cleanse, I'm anxious to initiate the liver cleanse.

16.What supplements and special foods are you using to help your immune system fight cancer?

Along with Dr. Clark's herbal parasite-killing program, I've also incorporated CoQ-10. I'm taking just 30 milligrams of CoQ-10, since, for me, a higher dosage triggers a headache. Your body is unique and everyone tolerates foods and supplements differently. Consequently, it's wise to introduce one supplement at a time. Then it's easier to distinguish the culprit if you do have an allergic reaction.

I've never been a fast food junkie so perhaps many of the cancer causing agents will be easier for me to eliminate from my diet. Those happy meals are only happy for the people turning a dollar from them. Avoiding fried foods isn't a problem and to remove potential problems, I'm cooking my butter first. Lettuce is no longer on the menu.

Can we really clean it well enough? I don't want to take the chance of becoming a breeding ground for parasite eggs I use rice milk when milk is called for in a recipe, but since it's much thinner than milk, I use less of it. The vegetables that Dr. Clark mentions need cooking I'm avoiding altogether. I'm no longer cooking with metal pots and untensils, and I'm using Lugol's idoine for cleaning vegetables.

I've done away with cereal and found a five-grain variety at the health food store. It has oats, rye, triticale, barley and golden flax and it's really quite tasty. I'm only eating hot cereals now like oatmeal and pancakes. Since I've been on the herbal parasite-killing program, I've noticed that my eyes don't ache when awakening in the morning the way they did in the past. Also, my migraines are rare now. They're almost completely gone.


Dr. Clark has freshly refined the definiton of cancer: Cancer is part isopropyl alcohol, part human intestinal fluke, Fasciolopsis buski, and part SV 40 virus (the Eurytrema pancreaticum parasite brings it).

17. A. Isopropyl Alcohol When the solvent, isopropyl alcohol, is present along with the parasite, Fasciolopsis buski, two dominant growth stimulators, hCG (human Chorionic Gonadotropin) and OPT (ortho-phospho-tyrosine ) are made that Dr. Clark uses as cancer markers.

Isopropyl alcohol can be derived in two ways: It is a common antiseptic used in body products, food, and beverages. Plus, some Clostridium species of bacteria can make it. Have you been able to identify and eliminate isopopyl alcohol-contaminated products? Have you found it hard to give up any of these products?

I've found it very challenging to give up products containing isopropyl alcohol. I admit that I've cut back on their use, but haven't totally eliminated them. I wear makeup and use hair products when I'm working. I don't want to scare my clients. But on my days off, I'm more prone now to pull my hair up in a ponytail and forego the makeup. Perhaps Dr. Clark will come out with a safe line of cosmetic and toiletries for those of us who have trouble purging them.

B. Fasciolopsis Buski Parasite and SV 40 Virus When isopropyl alcohol accumulates in the liver, it facilitates the completion of the F. buski fluke there. F. buski disperses throughtout the bloodstream and goes through its larval stages in the hypothalmus-pituitary-pancreas tumor nucleus-initiated tumor. F. buski releases the bacterium, Bacillus cereus.

This variety of bacteria makes tyramine, a special phenolic that causes many other food allergies to develop. Tyramine floods the area, changing any loose amino acids or sugars into their non-biological form. Dr. Clark states, "The body traps these abnormal chemicals in an allergic reaction to eliminate them, but not without an inflammation developing."

The consequential effect of allergen-induced organ inflammation is that it opens the tiny "port holes" in the cells, making it conducive for viruses, such as SV 40 (simian virus), which is triggered by gallic acid, to enter. SV 40 virus-filled cells, having lost their power to self-destruct, are imbued with immortality. There are four ways to kill the F. buski parasite: Zapping, anti-parasite, homeography, and starvation.

Zapping To Kill F. Buski

18. Zapping can kill parasites (e.g. F. buski), viruses (e.g. SV 40), and bacteria (e.g. Bacillus cereus). Classical zapping helps the whole body's immune system, while plate-zapping targets the immunity of a specific organ. What kind of zapping are you doing?

Presently I'm using traditional zapping techniques, but I'll be incorporating plate-zapping into my routine very soon. While I'm zapping, instead of just sitting counting the minutes, I meditate and use a method establed by Dr. O. Carl Simonton.

In the early 80's, I met the doctor when he was on a lecture tour. He's an internationally recognized oncologist who's best known for his groundbreaking research in psychosocial oncology. He coauthored two highly acclaimed books, Getting Well Again and The Healing journey, established the Simonton Cancer Center and was honored by the American Medical Association for the film Affirmation for Getting Well.

You may have heard of his pioneering work with children. He taught them to visualize the Pac Man game and play it using their mind as a screen, killing off their cancer cells. Personally, I visualize Arnold Schwarzennegger blasting my cancer

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