Request for Participation 6/03

We are in the process of evaluating some of NCI's educational materials. NCI is conducting a pilot study to identify the most valuable ways to educate people about cancer clinical trials. The study begins this summer in three locations:

West Los Angeles

St. Louis


Participants are needed in all three regions; however, the TWC-Boston program is internet-based so participants are welcome from around the country.

This study is investigating the benefits of communicating with cancer patients about clinical trials either in a workshop, through a website, or through reading materials at home, using the NCI clinical trials education series.

Participants will be asked to answer a short pre-assessment survey, then review the NCI video: "Cancer Clinical Trials: An Introduction for Patients and Their Families" and parts of the Cancer Clinical Trials: The Basic Workbook.

Following that, they will be asked to answer a short post-assessment survey and receive a follow-up phone call approximately one month later.

The Wellness Community is conducting this study in partnership with the NCI, the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship (NCCS), and the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) from June to August, 2003.

For more information or to participate, call the facility near you and ask about the "Clinical Trials Pilot Project":

The Wellness Community, Greater Boston: (617) 332-1919 or (the only internet based program)

The Wellness Community, Greater St. Louis: (314) 993-4333

The Wellness Community, West Los Angeles: (310) 314-2555

Smoking Cessation:Cancer Survivors

NCI Trial Call (301)451-5048 for information

Chemoprevention Selenium for Non-Small Cell Lung Ca 8/05

CALL (800)-4-cancer ((800) 422-6237 or see website here

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