Report from the Humlegaarden Clinic


I am sitting here in the little study off of the big study, peering at Sweden out the window. Sweden is just across the sound from where we sit. It's a beautiful day but brisk, the crocuses are up and some of the daffadils. Denmark is a lovely place. The drive out from the airport was very peaceful and lovely. It is all very familiar to me- years of living in Minnesota, I suppose.

The clinic is lovely, the doctors are great. The treatments are diverse and unusual, things I have always heard of but never have seen or tried before. I am recievng about 14 homeopathic remedies a day in the form of 3 shots (ouch), plus other remedies and pharmacueticals.

I am comfortable here. The hardest part is no coffee and no sugar!! Instead we have carrot juice breaks. Every evening there is a lecture before dinner. I have met folks from all over mostly from Norway and Sweden, a few from the US.

It has been great to have Jeff, my brothe-in-law with me. He brings a deep steadiness to the expereince for me, which has been immensely helpful. The clinic suffers as all clinics do with being over worked and understaffed but I have great faith in Andersen, who is highly respected here in Scandinavia (and quite a character- full of life and big like a bear) and Zeze, his associate and a very compassionate man. I am settling into my very sweet and comfortable room. Jeff and I walk on the beach or into town to get out and about. It is all amazingly tidy and neat. This also comforts me! I am well and feeling confident.

Here's the update (3/21/02) from Denmark............

I get a million shots a day (just a small exageration), sleep daily on a bed of magnets, sit in an orgone box, breathe special oxygen, get healings from 2 great guys (cute), receive massage from a real interesting guy from Montana who is quite a teacher in his own right, give them most of my blood and they periodically cook me like a big potato (whole body hypothermia- raising the body temp to about 104- for 3 hours, to cook off bad germs and kick the immune system into gear).

I get zapped by a short wave machine to stimulate my apparently lazy pineal gland and they cook the hell out the tumor with local hypothermia which raises the temp of the site to about 120 degrees. My hips are swelled from 1 to 3 shots a day, actual. I work periodically with a therapist who helps me see the beauty living just inside my own skin.

I have long touching philosphical discussions with my doctor Zeze who is a former monk (16 years) from Georgia, the country not the state, who has lived for 18 months at the clinic with his wife and 2 children in one room with no time off- at all. He is a saint. Finn swirls in and out of the dinning hall and living room and gives talks once or twice a week at lecture hour at 5:30pm. He's one of those quixotic, energetic people, with a million irons in the fire and it's all about cancer.

Dinner at 6:30 and then I plop down here, make my calls, take some more oxygen and head up to my room. Sometimes it's 9 and sometimes it's 12 midnight, like last night. I can't even begin to get the tv here. I meet new folks all the time, like Debbie who was an angel to me while I was in hypothermia, needing water and some fruit. She was there, hanging out as was Tina the nurse, radiant woman who looks like she is 12 but has 4 kids and is incredibly knowledgeable and 36 years old. Jackie took me to the hospital today for more blood work and she is another radiant woman helping Finn build a clinic in New Zealand.

Jeff, Tracey's partner, and I went up to see Elsinor before he returned to the states on Tuesday. We had a great time wondering around the castle in the evening fog while it was closed. Perfect castle weather.

We all had steak for dinner at a little Inn by the sea that a lovely real estate agent suggested to us and then drove us to!! Those amazing and kind Danes. It's a sane country with taxes starting at 40% and sales tax at 25% no one is too rich and there is no homeless population here. And people love it. A very interesting study in how a peaceful nation works- they share.

Jeff and I also got to Copenhagen, which I put on my favorite cities of the world list. Very liveable and lovely.

I have weathered several crisises of conscience and faith so far with remarkable and touching results, thanks to loved ones near and far. I think this journey is providing me with more than I had bargained for- a good thing, a deeply important thing. I am realizing the power of receiving and the power of love.

Zeze and I talked about cancer having a key for each person. I think it is our experience of finding that key that is so important to the healing, maybe even more important than finding the key. I have realized how much I want to live and how much I want to have an open heart. I want all the help I can find with it too.


LINK to clinic in Denmark-many alternative therapies offered in a holistic environment

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