Removal of Mercury Filling & Root Canals

QUESTION OF THE MONTH: When should mercury fillings or root canals be removed in patients with serious degenerative disease or cancer?

First, the root canals are continuous sources of immune system activity to attack the bacteria that are harbored and grow within the matrix of the tooth's entire (now dead) root system. This in turn will cause the immune system to be "busy" in this area of the body and unable to do the scavenger work for free radicals and cancer cells.

Therefore root canals can and should be removed immediately.

Second, Gerson patients should never remove mercury fillings until after a minimum of six months and better yet nine months of doing the full therapy. Some mercury always leaches out no matter how carefully the procedure is done and the risk is very high.

In addition, I received feedback from current patients who have asked me to strongly advise other patients about this matter. Mercury is so toxic and can cause serious damage especially in an already compromised immune system.

In health and healing, Sharon Murnane, RN, HNC, CHTP

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