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October 2010: An interesting study was just published in the PLOS journal about the protective role of psychological and social supports. See item below.

Cancer patients can think themselves to a stronger immune system using relaxation and guided imagery techniques, a British researcher said on Saturday(4/15/00).

Professor Leslie Walker, the director of the Institute of Rehabilitation and Oncology Health at the University of Hull in northern England, said the psychological techniques can also help patients to cope better with the disease.

``Our results show that relaxation and guided imagery can bring about measurable changes in the body's own immunological defenses,'' he said in a statement.

But Walker, whose research was funded by the Cancer Research Campaign charity, stressed that although the techniques boosted immune cells, effects on the cancer itself are not known.

He also emphasized that so far there is no proof that psychological interventions can prolong survival.

``However, the study provides strong evidence that, for some patients, relaxation and imagery have a very beneficial effect on quality of life,'' he said.

Walker and his colleagues tested relaxation techniques on 80 women suffering from breast cancer. They presented their findings to the annual meeting of the British Psychological Society.

All of the women received standard medical treatments for breast cancer, but half were randomly selected for training in muscular relaxation, guided imagery and cue-controlled relaxation.

Guided imagery involves imagining the body's natural defenses battling the cancerous cells. In cue-controlled relaxation patients learn to relax by thinking of special words.

When the researchers tested all the women, they found that those practicing the relaxation techniques had higher numbers of important immune system cells.

``These results demonstrate that, even in patients with large tumors receiving immunosuppressive treatment (chemotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy) relaxation therapy and guided imagery can produce immunological changes,'' Walker said.

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