I received a post card, after attending a conference, from KAG Industries Inc about their J7P Medical Chair. I am sure other companies make something similar.

Per their card, "ergonomically designed for extended seating, high grade foam padding, wide shoulder wing for sleeping on side, armrest bolster, adjustable two tier pillow removal, customized laminated side tables, easily maneuvers patient into Trendelenberg (?) position, pillow removal for CPR in chair, convenient retractable bi-lateral single hand operated side tables, easy reach cleaning.


Another supplier is: Winco offering a variety of chairs.

Locate them at 1(800)237-3377

or at

We are sure there are other excellent suppliers for a product like this.

Ann's NOTE: I had occasion to look through the offerings at a local 'surgical supply' house. There are many useful things there. It seemed like lots of gadgets of the type we all dream up, are actually available.

Remember we are NOT Doctors and have NO medical training.

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