Reactions of Israeli Husbands/Wives/Partners

ABSTRACT: Breast cancer: reactions of Israeli men to their wives' diagnosis

The purpose of this research was to describe Israeli husbands' reactions to their wives' diagnosis of breast cancer.

This quantitative, descriptive, preliminary study employed a convenience sample of 20 men and investigated their perception of the information they received, their psychosocial responses, the effects on their marital relationship, and their perceived spousal social support.

The study instruments included the Locke Wallace Marital Adjustment Scale, the Psychosocial Adjustment to Illness Scale, and a Social Support Questionnaire.

This subject has not been researched in Israel previously. Husbands voiced total trust in the health-care delivery system, even though they reported a need for more information on the disease, treatment, and issues concerning their marital relationship.

Husbands had difficulties with their day-to-day activities, and almost half of them cited problems both at work and at home. They described stress, including depression and sleep disturbances. They reported changes in their sexual interest and sexual functioning as well.

In general, husbands felt the support of their wives.

Husbands whose wives have breast cancer need a network of support to address their specific issues and concerns.

The Breast Care Clinical Nurse Specialist is cited as being a pivotal component of such a support network.

[09/24/2002; European Journal of Oncology Nursing]

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