Find copies of Ann's newsletter here.  Handed out to 
patients, health care providers, scientific researchers, 
government officials, etc.

Ann creates a fact and opinion-filled newsletter to be handed out at each conference or meeting she attends.

It is designed to inform and advise the participants about issues of importance to the community of people with cancer.

The first issue was created in 1993 before Ann really even understood the terminology (or jargon) used in the cancer world. She began questioning many of the beliefs and behaviors of both patients and health care providers.

An unexamined system is a mistake. Challenge Authority.

October 1998

October 1998 issue

February 1999

On drug effectiveness and some good books

Random Thoughts/Issues

Chemotherapy and more to come

Random Thoughts December 1999
Random Thoughts 5/2000
Random Thoughts-May 1999
Random Thoughts-June 2000
NIH Consensus Conference

November 2000

Treatment Options -Expanding, Confusing

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