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Diet and Ovarian Cancer Risk

What is the relationship between one's diet and the risk of developing ovarian cancer? A study from Milan, Italy has come up with some interesting correlations. Women with ovarian cancer were compared to similar women who had non-malignant gynecological problems. The cancer patients were more likely to eat lots of red meat, bread, soups and sugar.

On the other hand, those who ate the most fish cut their risk in half. Lots of vegetables and pulses (peas and beans) were also protective. The study appeared this month in the International Journal of Cancer {Int J Cancer 2001;93:911-915}.

This study confirms what we have often said: a diet that is high in fish oils, antioxidants and fiber is protective against cancers of various kinds. Refined breads and sugar may increase the amount of insulin and insulin-like growth factor-I, which are promoters of the process of cancer formation.

An excess of red meat (especially if charred) also can promote cancer in various ways. A moderate Mediterranean diet (fish, olive oil, cooked vegetables, whole grains and beans, salads, red wine, etc.) is probably the best overall way to ward off ovarian cancer and many other serious diseases as well.

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