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"The one thing that saved me from the impending chemo (A/C!) was the question that I put to my onc "How much would this treatment improve my chances of survival?" When he said "maybe 2%" I burst out with "I CAN DO BETTER THAN THAT!"

(Rae says about herself: "I'm a generation too late to have benefited from assertiveness training but every instinct told me I had to dig in my heels and follow my own path. And four healthy years later I am thankful every day that I did"

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Monique Speaks About Her Treatment Protocol

A Canadian breast cancer patient's perspective

Patient Perspectives on Flaxseeds/oil

Some methods for use 5/01 & 9/01

Carolyn Kreibich's Method
Anne C's take on Flaxseed and Oil
Crushing/Milling Flaxseeds Better
Just Take This Pill, But

Poem by Marilyn Holasek Lloyd RN

Lorraine Day, MD's Response to AARP

LINK to her letter after they named her in 'Scam Alert'

Mary Pat Palmer-Taylor

Patient/Therapist reports on her own experiences, 2/04

The Making of a Rose Hydrosol - including video
Kathy Uses Natural Therapies for Lung Mets

Patient story, 2/04

Exercise After Cancer: Patient Perspective

Greg 'Bo' Bennett's story, 6/04 UPDATE 1/05

Letter Appeared in Spirit of Change (Boston magazine)

Letter from Mark Lipsman, sent to us, 6/04

Madeleen Herreshoff's Integrative Approach

Cancer Monthly, April 2005

Surviving Mesothelioma w/Alt Therapies

Story from, January 2005 Paul Kraus

In Loving Memory of Kathy Miele

Submitted by Kathy Miele's sister

Hyperthermia (Heat Treatments)

A registered Polarity Practitioner and a writer-article about how, why and what

Cancer Facts from National Cancer Institute
Avascular osteonecrosis AFTER hyprthrmia in childrn & adolscnts
Dutch Study on Hyperthermia
Hyperthermia In Gyn Cancers
Hyperthermia & Advanced Liver Ca
Loco-Regional Hyperthermia
Russian Researchers Heat Body Temperature w/Baths
Whole Body Hyperthermia:German View
Long-term Local Hyperthermia & Advanced Bca
Hyperthemia:Duke Comprehensive Cancer Ctr.
Lancet Oncology Review
Hypothermia-Lowering Temperatures
Concurrent Heat & H7
Body RTx / Hyprthrmia:Dendritic Immnthpy
Hyperthermia & Chemotherapy in Soft Tissue Sarcomas
Quercetin & Hyperthermia
QOL Locally Advanced Prostate & Hyperthermia/RTx
Carcinogenic Effects of Hyperthermia?
Anesthesia & Whole Body Hyperthemia: Experiences
Local Hyperthermia & External RTx: Locoregional BCa
Effects of Hyperthermia on Central Nervous System (animals)
Host antitumour immune responses to HIFU ablation
Molecularly Targeted Therapeutic Heat & BCA Cells
Heating Gold Nanorods to Destroy Cancer Cells
Anne Caputi Discusses Her Choices

Written in 2002

Anne Caputi Update
Anne Caputi Update May 2006
DK Tells her Husband's Story: Rectal Ca

Reported via email, 9/05

Linda Kellett's Story of Gravizon, Essiac, Juices

Posted September, 2005

Story of Mark with Pancreatic Ca and Liver Mets

Submitted by Fred Eichorn of Natl Cancer Research Foundation

Joe with Lung Sarcoma - November 2005

Submitted by Fred Eichorn May 2006

Update for Joe
Story of Brett, Age 13 and Ukrain

Jeannette Russell, 5/06

Patient Story - Facing Cancer on My Own

Jill Ayn Schneider, Published in Natural Health Magazine, Oct/Nov Issue 1997

Larry's Prostate Cancer Story

LINK to site with dietary discussion, photos and more

From a Newsletter by Marie Pace, ND, CNC

Marie Pace, ND, CNC Doctor of Naturopathy & Certified Nutritional Consultant 1/07

Cancer: Healing Journey of Dr. Shoshona Margolin

Article by Dr. Shoshona Margolin Posted September 2007 from an email received

Jeannine Watson:  Search for Clinics Around the World

Healing Focus

Amazon Factor  - Brenda Sawicki 9/08

Story of Brenda's breast cancer treatment,

Dr William Coley and tumour regression
Bonnie Johnson's story of Integrative Therapies

Posted April 16, 2010

Linda Ludwig uses Macrobiotic, then Vegetarian diet

Posted May 2010

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