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June 2005 This section will be administered by David S. Most, a prostate cancer survivor himself and founder of Health Information Resources. (561) 776 6666

David has been helping people with cancer for many years and has offered to run this section. His comments and concerns are sure to be useful to everyone.

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Interview with Ken Walles who dealt with Prostate cancer using natural methods. Interview in 2010. Mr. Walles is still doing just fine.

August 2010 - News articles continue to discuss the downsides of all treatment choices while failing to offer 'alternatives'. Below we feature many articles about natural substances, tips and techniques that may reduce the unwanted effects (so-called 'sde' effects). Check it out. Feel free to email us - you will receive a response.

12/07 Regular use of even low-dose aspirin may interfere with androgen suppression therapy for men with prostate cancer. Dec. 27 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine.

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From David:

The Annie Appleseed Project continues to evolve and add new features. As part of this program it is collaborating with Health Information Research, Inc. (a nonprofit 50c3 based in North Palm Beach, FL) to create a special section dealing with prostate cancer. It's called the “Prostate Corner”.

David S. Most, PhD, Executive Director of HIR, Inc. will be the Editor of the Prostate Corner. He is a nine year survivor of prostate cancer and has devoted the last eight years studying the literature and writing about this disease.

He serves currently as the Chairman of the Jupiter, Florida Prostate Support Group. In the years 1997 – 2001 he worked with the International Cancer Alliance for Research and Education that sponsored an Annual Prostate Cancer Symposium in West Palm Beach.

One of the new features of our “Prostate Corner” will be critical reviews of new publications. We will attempt to sort the “wheat from the chaff” and help our readers to understand the real significance of what is being published.

Please feel free to communicate with us directly with suggestions, comments, and criticisms. All dialogue will be welcome.

Center for Holistic Urology

LINK to Columbia University Center

PROSTATE Cancer Groups Links

various links

Nutrition, Prostate Cancer & Cancer Risk

various articles

Fruits/Vegetables/Grains & Risk Reduction
Plant Food, Antioxidants, Prostate Cancer Risk
Dairy Products, Calcium & Prostate Cancer Risk
Flaxseed/Essential Fatty Acids and Dietary Changes Help
LIFESTYLES: Pritikin Diet Kills Prostate Ca Cells
Soy & Tea Inhibits Tumor Weight/Mets
Fatty Fish for Prevention: Omega 3 twice a week
Oxidative DNA Damage & Tomato Sauce
Preserved Food & Increased Prostate Ca Risk
Nutrition & Prevention Strategies: Prostate Ca
Patient metabolism/nutrition critical factors:prostate ca initiation & tumor growth
Excercise, Cryoablation, and More: Prostate

A variety of information Each section has subsections

New Data on PSA and other tests
Some Environmental Evidence Being Looked At
Urine/Blood/Genomic-Proteomic Tests:Prostate Cancer
Focused Cryoablation For Low-Risk Pts
Doctors Need to Tell Patients More
Differences in Second Opinions: Prostate and Bladder Ca
Excerpts on Detection/Prevention/NO Racial Differences
Exercise Reduces Risk & Increases Health
Aredia Cuts Hormone Thpy Bone Loss-Prostate
GSTP1 Methylation Level/Malignant V Benign Disease
Debate on Screening
Radiation/Prostate/ LUNGS
Vasectomy: (NO) Risk of Prostate Ca
PhotoDynamic Therapy For Prostate
Post-Prostate Impotence Helped
Imaging for Lymph Node Status
Masturbation May Offer Protection:Prostate Ca
Men with Breast & Prostate Cancer
QOL Locally Advanced Prostate & Hyperthermia/RTx
Prostate Cancer Abstracts
Chemo and Prostate Cancer
Ultrasound Produces Less Unwanted Effects
Prostate Ca in Men with HIV
Prostate Cancer in Men Using Testosterone Supplementation
Androgen Deprivation Therapy on Periodontal Disease: Prostate Ca
Finasteride: Cost-effectiveness/Lifetime Implications
Dogs Sniff Urine to Find Prostate Cancer
Herbs and Supplements for Prostate Cancer

Various articles

PC-SPES/SPES & Hormonal Therapies OFF MARKET
Modified Citrus Pectin
Vitamins as Therapy for Prostate Cancer
Orally Active Amazon Plant Extract-BIRM: Growth/Mets Inhibited
I-3-c, DIIM Induce Apoptosis:Prostate Ca Cells
Cannabinoids: Approach for Treatment of Prostate Ca
D-limonene: Anti-Proliferative Effects-Human Prostate Ca Cells
Herbs & Prostate Cancer
Protective Effect: Andrographis paniculata & Urothelial Toxicity
Novel Agents for Prostate Cancer Chemoprevention
IP6, Proteasome Inhibitors KILL Prostate ca cells
Intn'l Conf on Prostate Cancer, 2006

Reported by David S. Most October 19-22, 2006

PC 101: Color Dappler & Saturation Biopsy
Dr. Ashdan Tewari, NY Presbyterian Hospital
Cryotherapy Talk - William Lloyd Glover, MD
Rationale for a Male Lumpectomy - Focal Cryoblation
Diet - Dr. Charles "Snuffy" Myers
Bone Health & Osteonecrosis Joints - Dr. Charles E. Myers
Hormone Blockade Therapy - Dr. Israel Barken
Overcoming Impotence After Prostate Cancer J. Stephen Jones, MD
Combination Chemotherapy Richard Lam, MD
Prostate Cancer - RACE

Studies and issues

Report on Metastatic Prostate Cancer
Race/Ethnicity & Watchful Waiting:Prostate Ca
Race/Literacy Effects on Prostate Ca Biology & Access
Two Books for Black Men on Prostate Cancer
Cultural Disparities in Diagnosis &Treatment of Prostate Ca
Prostate Cancer Treatment Choices

LINK to site with alternative choices

Earl Woods, 74, Father of Tiger Woods - Prostate Cancer

May, 2006 New York Times

Summary Reports Prostate Cancer conferences

variety of reports different authors/attendees

National Conference on Prostate Cancer
7th International Prostate Cancer Congress
DoD Congressionally-Directed Medical Programs -2007
2008 Prostate Cancer Conference
Harold Ravins, DDS

LINK to Los Angeles-based Holistic Dentist "We have over the past 12 years , correlated heavy metal toxicity (primarily mercury) with Prostate cancer, with specific protocol to remove the mercury & reverse the medical diagnoses of the patients prostate"

Compassionate Oncology

LINK: "dedicated to providing each patient with individualized successful treatment protocols... includes vitamin information on site RECOMMENDEDVITAMINLIST.050305.pdf

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