PROSTATE Cancer Groups Links

Here are websites for the many different groups offering advice, information, advocacy and more on prostate cancer.

Prostate Cancer Foundation

LINK to (formerly CaPcure) info in many area -funding for high-impact research

US Too

LINK to Prostate Ca Edu & Support Network - grassroots pts, survivors, spouses/partners & families

Prostate Cancer Action Network

LINK to grass roots advocacy and more

Virgil's Prostate Online

LINK to Online Guide to Fighting Prostate Cancer (from a survivor)

Alan's Prostate Cancer Info Page

LINK to site with articles and many links, New Zealand-based

National Alliance of State Prostate Cancer Coalitions

LINK to educational and advocacy-oriented group

Alliance for Prostate Cancer Prevention

LINK to group working to "enhance and promote prostate cancer awareness, education, research and primary and secondary prevention programs".

Prostate Health Education Network, Inc.

LINK: PHEN - primary mission - increase prostate health education & awareness among men at highest risk for prostate cancer in the USA, African Americans.

Zero Cancer

LINK to The Project to End Prostate Cancer - " providing comprehensive treatment information to patients, education to those at risk and conduct more free screenings than ever before".

Phoenix 5 Prostate Organization

LINK to organization with good information

Prostate Cancer Info Link

LINK: Social Network

Conquer Prostate Cancer Now

LINK: Information and support for patients, survivors, and their families by Rabbi Ed Weinsberg with Dr. Robert Carey

Prostate Cancer Resource Center

LINK: "to provide screening, education & awareness for Prostate Cancer in underserved minorities & underinsured. This will be a grassroots operation providing mentoring newly diagnosed with seasoned survivors. Austin, TX

Center for Intimacy After Cancer

LINK: "You’re alive, but there may be changes in your relationship.…unresolved lingering fears about enjoying life to the fullest…a new commitment to life but questions about what to do next. CIACT is here to help".

Maine Coalition to Fight Prostate Cancer

LINK: "The Maine Coalition to Fight Prostate Cancer is dedicated to ending the devastating impact of prostate cancer on men, their loved ones & the State of Maine".

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