Excercise, Cryoablation, and More: Prostate

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New Data on PSA and other tests

Many studies, articles, etc.

Some Environmental Evidence Being Looked At

From a Medscape Article 12/99

Urine/Blood/Genomic-Proteomic Tests:Prostate Cancer

From JAMA April 26, 2000

Focused Cryoablation For Low-Risk Pts

Radiological Soc of NA, 12/03

Doctors Need to Tell Patients More

Survey shows many patients NOT warned about negatives of treatment, Watchful waiting, 7/00 Sexuality Issue (see Studies section-NonToxic)

Differences in Second Opinions: Prostate and Bladder Ca

J of Urology, 2001

Excerpts on Detection/Prevention/NO Racial Differences

healthscout.com, 9/01 from Cancer J Other articles/studies too

Exercise Reduces Risk & Increases Health

Improved health for people with cancer, and reduced risk

Aredia Cuts Hormone Thpy Bone Loss-Prostate

NEJM, 9/01

GSTP1 Methylation Level/Malignant V Benign Disease

J NCI, 2001

Debate on Screening

BMJ, 2001

Radiation/Prostate/ LUNGS

Urology, 4/02

Vasectomy: (NO) Risk of Prostate Ca

JAMA, 6/02

Primer on Prostate Cancer:Empowered Patient's Guide

LINK to Life Extension Foundation information on this book

PhotoDynamic Therapy For Prostate

articles and studies

Post-Prostate Impotence Helped

Cancer, 10-12/02

Imaging for Lymph Node Status

NEJM, 6/03

Masturbation May Offer Protection:Prostate Ca

New Scientist, 7/03

Men with Breast & Prostate Cancer

The Breast Journal, 7/03

QOL Locally Advanced Prostate & Hyperthermia/RTx

Intl J Hyperthermia, 7/03

UCSD Cancer Center

LINK to AmSignLanguage Cancer Ed Program Deaf & Hard of Hearing Community, breast & prostate

Prostate Cancer Abstracts

Frontiers in Cancer Prevention Research, 2003

Men's Cancer

LINK to site in Ireland w/info

Chemo and Prostate Cancer

OHSU Cancer Institute, Portland, Or January 2004

Ultrasound Produces Less Unwanted Effects

Am Assoc for Advancement of Science,2/04

Prostate Ca in Men with HIV

Cancer, 7/04

Prostate Cancer in Men Using Testosterone Supplementation

J Urology, 8/05

Androgen Deprivation Therapy on Periodontal Disease: Prostate Ca

J Urology, March 2007

Finasteride: Cost-effectiveness/Lifetime Implications

ASCO, 2004 Abstract #1028

Dogs Sniff Urine to Find Prostate Cancer

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