Professional Referral Network

For CAM Providers

There are many sources here for locating practitioners of many different modalities, including Dentists. Some of these healthcare providers will have websites and much more. In some cases, if individual sites come to our attention, you may find them here as well.


The Professional Referral Network contains searchable directories from 20 leading professional associations in complementary and integrative health care, with over 10,000 professionals. Looking for a healthcare professional offering acupuncture? The Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Section of this Referral Network includes the member databases for the Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Alliance (AOMA) and the American Association of Oriental Medicine (AAOM).

American Herbalists Guild, Post Office Box 70, Roosevelt, Utah, 84066, 435-722-8434

International Strategic Cancer Alliance

LINK: "to unite patients with oncologists and other specialists who will integrate a vast array of synergistic therapies into individually tailored (boutique) treatment programs" (primarily for breast and prostate at this time.

Paying for CAM (NCCAM)

LINK to fact sheet on financial questions about paying for CAM treatment

Society for Oncology Massage

LINK: Go to section labeled ▪OMT Locator▪ Oncology Massage: "...adaptation of massage to safely nurture body, mind & spirit of anyone who is dealing with cancer".

American Holistic Medicine Association

Information and contacts

Oncology Assoc of Naturopathic Physicians

LINK to new website

Am Org for Bodywork Therapies of Asia

LINK to resources-'Find a Member'

American College for Advancement in Medicine

LINK to alternative practitioners database

Orthmolecular Clinics

LINK to clinics providing "therapeutic nutrition based on biochemical individuality"

Health Action Network

Canadian source for practioners and information

Physicians Directory

LINK to natural practitioners info by region

Wellness Directory of Minnesota

Contains links and articles also lists of practitioners in Minnesota Attractive site too

American Holistic Health Association

LINK to Resource list, Self-help articles, etc.

American Assoc of Naturopathic Physicians

LINK to site for finding a Naturopathic Physician and more


LINK to source for TCM practitioners

American Academy for Environmental Medicine

LINK to organization w/provider information

MD Junction

LINK to Find a Doctor, Know your Doctor

Doctor Score Card

LINK to site where patients offer feedback on visits to doctors' offices

Find an Acupuncturist

Many certifying organizations and some international sites

Find a Chiropractor


Healing Edge

LINK to info AND consultations to many alt practitioners

Alternatives Gateway

LINK "access to a wide selection of alternative and complementary health practitioners, resources and information links addressing the body, mind and spirit"

Link to CAM Providers


The Quantum Alliance

LINK to Biofeedback EPFX Practitioners

Herbs by Healers

LINK to West Palm Beach acupuncture, with an interest in Oncology

Looking for a Holistic Dentist?

Addresses and links

A Dentist in the UK
Dr. Lina Garcia, Holistic Dentist
333 Connect

LINK to practitioners of "Healing Arts"

The Holistic Option

LINK "Learn More about holistic healthcare options, browse Natural Remedies section & submit feedback, find a licensed Practitioner near you,... (& more) for the health of you and your family, naturally"!

Holistic Practitioners outside US

Variety of LINKS (click to see them) to groups in other countries than United States

A Dentist in the UK
New York State Reflexology Association

LINK to NYS group "Independent non-profit association of professional certified Reflexologists ...serving the reflexology community since 1996".

Patient Privacy Rights

LINK to non profit providing 'toolkit' with useful information and forms for privacy

Am Assoc of Oncology Social Workers

LINK: "To advance excellence in the psychosocial care of persons with cancer, their families, and caregivers through: Networking, Education, Advocacy,Research, Resource Development"

Global Professional Assoc Colon Therapists

LINK to organization with local provider information

Int'l Assoc of Yoga Therapists

LINK: for yoga therapist worldwide

World Organization of Natural Medicine Practitioners

LINK to organization with worldwide information

National Assoc of Nutrition Professionals

LINK to group that will help you locate a nutrition professional in your area

American Board Integrative Holistic Medicine

LINK: Organization has a page to locate doctors

Ayervedic Organizations

variety of links

American College of Clinical Thermology

LINK: "The American College of Clinical Thermology Inc (ACCT) is the fastest growing & pre-eminent professional organization dedicated to the advancement of thermology & thermography through education, research, & professional development".

National Assoc of Professional Cancer Coaches

LINK: Headquarters in US and Canada

"The NAPCC is the only cancer organization of its kind in Canada & the United States to coach patients in all aspects of cancer prevention, cancer healing & life after cancer.

Our Professional Cancer Coaches are specially trained & educated health-care professionals committed to assisting cancer patients who choose surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and/or diet lifestyle to live longer, healthier lives".

Homeopathy LINKS

Several key organizations

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