Sarcomas of the Breast

BACKGROUND: Cystosarcoma phyllodes is a rare sarcoma of the breast. Although surgical removal is the mainstay of treatment, the extent of surgery required (excision vs. mastectomy) and the need for additional local therapy, such as radiotherapy, are unclear. The current study evaluated the rate of local and distant failure, as well as potential prognostic factors, to better define appropriate treatment strategies.

CONCLUSIONS: Local failure in this group of largely margin negative patients with cystosarcoma phyllodes of the breast was low, showing that breast-conserving surgery with appropriate margins is the preferred primary therapy. The current study data do not support the use of adjuvant radiotherapy for patients with adequately resected disease. Patients with stromal overgrowth, particularly when the tumor size was > 5 cm, were found to have a high rate of distant failure; such patients merit consideration of a trial that examines the efficacy of systemic therapy.

Primary Breast Sarcomas: Prognostic Factors

JCO, 7/03

Primary Nonphylloides Breast Sarcomas

Am J Surgery, 10/03 NOTE: Surgery only reliable therapy

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