Poem written after a cancer scare - Minx Boren

Here is a poem that I just wrote when I had my own very mini cancer scare (mostly in my head). Took 5 days and a transvaginal ultrasound to be sure all was ok. Meanwhile, I am certain that so many people feel this way at a moment of unknowing. Just want to share. blessings, minx

making it through

the unknown

days of not knowing

holding faith close

like a child’s blankie

or an old shawl to protect

against the cold chill

of a thousand what ifs?

making it

through the night

bad dreams nipping

at my heels

legs jerking restlessly

as I run away

sleep elusive

an uninviting abyss

of a thousand what ifs?


it through making it

all up in the face

of a blurred future

my mind a construction site

of half truths

an inner theater now presenting

only melodramas and tragedies

not my favorite entertainment

but I cannot yet discern

a storyline nor walk away

from these disheartening productions

of a thousand what ifs?

from the heart, mind and pen of Minx

©2006 Minx Boren. All rights reserved.

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