Poor Farmers Benefit Most From Going Organic


"The Real Green Revolution" a report by Nicolas Parrott of Cardiff University in Britain shows the extent and success of organic and agroecological farming techniques being practiced in the developing world.

The report analyzes the potential for new techniques and practices that work with nature, not against it, and generate food security and good yields, according to the researchers. Case studies show that: cotton yields increased 20 percent in India, rice yields tripled in Madagascar and in Brazil the use of green manures increased yields of maize by up to 250 percent.

"The Real Green Revolution shows how organic and agroecological farming can significantly increase yields for resource poor farmers, improve food security and sustain and enhance the environmental resources on which agriculture in the South depends," says Parrott.

"The report demonstrates in a convincing way how well adapted organic agriculture is for making a real difference for the poor of the world," says the International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movements

ArcMax (United Press International)

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