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We recently received information on this product. After looking over the website we determined there were scientific studies on this product. Here is the letter we sent to the man who forwarded the link to us.

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Thank you for sending us this information. We have added a link from our Treatment section=More Treatments. Do you have any studies demonstrating that the oral version is as effective as the IV?

Ann F.


The studies done with the capsule were in conjunction with its development as part of a treatment for HIV/AIDS suffers. Those studies demonstrated very positive results with respect to the lymphocyte counts (stability of CD4 and increases in CD8), improvement in appetite and weight gain, improved Karnofsky scores, reduction in significant bacterial infections, etc. All very similar to the results of the Polyerga injections with cancer research over the years. I am in the process of attempting to get details on all of that work. The capsule was developed, since injections and HIV/AIDS are less than ideal, considering the blood-born nature of the transmittal.

I have received assurance from the manufacturer of Polyerga Plus that based upon the oligopeptide dosage in the capsule (triple what is in the injection and which was determined by a pharmacology expert retained by the manufacturer), the enteric coating of the capsule and the manufacturing process used to develop the oligopeptides, they expect similar performance with the capsules as with the injections. The HIV/AIDS work would tend to support that good things also happen with the use of the oligopeptide capsules and the polypeptide tablets.

Also, the polypeptide tablets alone have been used as treatment/supportive therapy with considerable benefit. There are clinical studies to support that.

I hope this answers all of your questions. As additional information becomes available it will be posted to the website.

Thank you for including Polyerga Plus on your site. I truly believe it is going to help a lot of cancer and chemotherapy patients.


Mark F. Sever

Polyerga Plus

LINK to site with studies & product source This is oral version of IV-studied drug

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