Politics in Healing: Daniel Haley

Daniel Haley is another medical outsider who is making major contributions to our understanding of alternative medicine.

Haley’s book, Politics in Healing: The suppression and manipulation of American Medicine (Potomac Valley Press, 2000), explores the promising work of several leading researchers and clinicians in the field of nontoxic cancer therapy and the hostile reception they have received. As the title suggests, Haley places the clinical issues into a decidedly political context.

Haley says that he discerned a disturbing pattern in which the potentially revolutionary contributions of maverick researchers and clinicians were consistently marginalized and suppressed by medical orthodoxy.

Haley's efforts have recently culminated in a 481-page book, Politics in Healing (2000, Potomac Valley Press). The work is an overview of the politics of medicine and includes individual chapters about a number of leading alternative cancer therapies and the struggles their proponents faced and, in some rare instances, as in the case of Stanislaw Burzynski, MD, PhD, managed to overcome. In addition to Burzynski's antineoplastons, Haley writes in detail about Gaston Naessens and 714X, the Hoxsey therapy, DMSO, Joseph Gold and hydrazine sulfate, and several other popular therapies. The extensive history he presents points to a pattern of suppression of clinical innovation in which the American citizen - typically unaware that systematic suppression is even going on - is the ultimate loser.

Haley's efforts to bring to light the politics of cancer are in the tradition of other people, accomplished in fields outside of medicine, who have been able to place a clear focus on the failings of medical orthodoxy.

Unlike many other critics, however, Haley suggests specific strategies for reform, including recommending that the government get entirely out of the field of regulating nontoxic therapies.

Source: Peter Chowka's review of Daniel Haley's book http://www.naturalhealthvillage.com

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