Plant-based Estrogens as  Alternatives

According to a recent study, estrogens from plants may offer many of the benefits provided by hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and possibly without the downside risks.

The plant estrogens or phytoestrogens are found in such sources as soybeans, alfalfa sprouts, cereals and more. These substances may offer protection against atherosclerosis, may reduce cholesterol levels, reduce hot flashes, decrease risk of breast cancer nad protect against osteoporosis.

Study authors included Drs. Lynette Wroblewski Lissin and John P. Cooke from Stanford University Medical Center.

Treatment with phytoestrogens do not seem to increase the risk of blood clots or breast or uterine cancer, but more research is recommended.

The authors conclude that women NOT at high risk of cardiovascular problems, those WITHOUT a strong history of breast or uterine cancer (personal or family) should increase consumption of the foods rich in phytoestrogens.

Ann's NOTE: Whole organic foods are recommended.

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