Phenoxodiol Trial

Trial: Phenoxodiol in Treating Patients With Refractory Solid Tumors

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They say human trials have NOT started. This contradicts information we had in 2002.

"Phenoxodiol is equol with a couple of O-H chains attached. Equol is formed in the body from an isoflavone, genistein.

It seems that the body evolved so that equol would turn on the regulator gene for the gene that produces the blocking protein C-flip. Overproduction of C-flip stops cancer cells from responding to immune signals to die.

The difference in cancer rates between eastern societies and western societies is due to the difference in levels of isoflavone intake from legumes. Normally, tiny amounts of equol would be going through the body killing of incipient cancers.

Novogen have produced a dimer of phenoxodiol that is particularly effective against breast cancer in vitro. Human trials havenít started."

Communication to us, 2/03

Marshall Edwards, Inc

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