Pelicans, Coconuts & Butterflies, a Book

Pelicans, Coconuts & Butterflies - Conquering Cancer with the Life of Soul

Ani Kaspar is the author of this very interesting book. She was already using natural therapies to heal herself from Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia when she received a breast cancer diagnosis.

From the back cover: Ani Kaspar is a four-year thriver of inra-ductal

This is a beautifully written book that follows Ani's struggles to find the right combination of therapies for herself. She is quite the individual and thinks a lot about the 'system'

A quote from the book "April 4, 2007"

"Economically, cancer has been a dreadful disaster, a monumental malady, an unaccountable catastrophe. I am an American woman. Why would I be surprised by the ghastly mechanism called the American healthcare system? With or without insurance, about $150,000 has been 'lifted' from my savings".

Aviva Publishing, New York

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